Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrities on a Mac

My place is nestled in between GMA and ABS-CBN, and that my surrounding is swarmed by neighbors working in each coast. My Starbucks hang-out too is similarly teeming with people from both stations, celebrities and commonalities, stars and spectators.

And while it's an ordinary sight for me to see them on set, it's incredibly a rare sight to see these folks sporting Apple branded products. Most of them, iPhone(as expected). I say "expected" because of the rising statistics of Apple product ownership at every Filipino household. It's somehow true, I think, as three of our family members own an Apple product, my Mom has an iPhone 3GS, my brother used to own MacBook but he's currently relishing an iPad and an iPhone 3GS now, while I own both iPhone 3GS and a MacBook Pro.

Mac has forged a kind of community, a following that apart from the WinTel devices, the sense of esprit de corps in Mac is rooted in the hearts of the users. A tech cult, as some would describe it. In fact, since I work most of my other supplementary business errands at coffee shops, I have been approached many times by unknown fellow Mac user as to optimization, usage, and some 'how-to' concerns of their devices. A kind of affinity I haven't experienced when I had my Toshiba 2 years ago, yet I just had my MacBook Pro barely 2 months. Although I have been on deck with Mac-based non-linear editing system since 1999.

Similarly, when I see stars donning their MacBooks/MacBook Pro's, it roused a different shiver and cordial spirit into my senses. Something that we have in common.

Mac occupied a smaller percentage in the pie dominated by Windows-based devices, but that same small percentage also what creates a perception of exclusivity.

Countless times I have seen Mac being a prop of a movie or TV show, but for stars to really use them, it's just a sight to see. I know there is nothing sensational about it, but with their overweening schedules, seldom would you see one celebrity enslave himself over a computer. Much more a Mac. Ok, you may have the same shoes with Piolo Pascual or similar cuts of jeans with John Lloyd Cruz, but there is something innately unusual surge of magnetism when a celebrity uses a Mac, just as you do. Or maybe it's just me.

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