Sunday, September 26, 2010

iPhone 4 launch at Makati Shangri-la

"Good News! You may have a chance to get an iPhone 4 TODAY, Sept. 26. Please be at Makati Shangri-La Hotel (Rizal Ballroom) from 4pm-5pm and bring your valid ID. Hurry! First come first served. Limited stocks only. Please disregard this message if you have already availed of a loyalty reward recently." --- a txt from the friendly Globe robot.

I lined up for the public release of the much coveted iPhone 4, but to my dismay, I have found out that the iPhone 4 variant that I want is not yet up-for-grab. It's the iPhone 4 White. They only have the black variant.

But for those who would like to settle for the black(or borak black, as how Epoy describes it), you can check with your nearest Globe Business Centers to avail it.

Those who couldn't wait just opted buying them from Singapore or HongKong. Well, it might be cheaper there, knowing that HongKong doesn't have VAT(that's probably why they are acclaimed to be Asia's shopping capital, for economic reasons), and if you just get the a unit for yourself, there'll be no customs duties as well. Just take it out of the box and use it right away.

Some things I noticed from my friends though, the microSIM activation varies. Some only took like 3-5hours, some are not yet activated exceeding 7hours. Do they activate microSIMs on a24hour period assimilation?

Although one need not line up long from the registration area but inside the hall, it was a bit chaotic. Some clamored for the availability of their unit, some complain for the inconsistency of their bill and plan issue vis-à-vis termination. I have learned though that you can get an iPhone 4 16GB for free if you sign in for Plan 1799 for 36months. Oh well, the 32Gb stock depletes during late afternoon so one can only avail the 16Gb(should he wishes). Bottleneck is at the payment section, but lucky me since I refused to get the black, I need not experience what my friends have gone through. The Customer Representatives were really friendly but the density of the population inside was staggering. I refused to go with my friends taking the smorgasbord feast the Globe prepped for them because I was full coming from John&Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese Restaurant right before the event.

Kudos to the Globe Customer Representatives, they have tried their best to dish out the best customer experience we all yearn.

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