Monday, September 13, 2010

The Non-Negligible

It's small. Maybe(or mostly) taken for granted because of its banal nature of use. But this packs a high-value proposition.

How many have you experienced a heap of misfortune while you're about to brave a river of investment. How many of you failed because of a mundane thing that you never thought could be such of a pressing relevance. How many of you had been held at the mercy of one piece of device that could have taken you to a milestone. How many of you lost an account because your portfolio presentation slide gets corrupted. Or worse, your laptop conks out. Or simply you forgot to bring your projector adapter.

This is an Apple miniDisplay-to-VGA adapter. Because my Mac doesn't have a VGA port which is still a de facto standard for majority of the projectors(when will they ever have DVI or HDMI as a default connector), I need to have something that will bridge my current sets of ports of my laptop into a projector.

This would have been easily overlooked. I came from a Windows-based laptop which still include a VGA port from its myriad of connectivity options. Good thing I checked the projector ports. My presentation at Manila Planetarium could have been a bum.

I immediately called up Herbert if he has a miniDisplay-to-VGA port. And if he could lend me his. His ever-noteworthy kindness favored my plea. But since I am slated to provide series of presentations on astrophysics, I hinted if I can just buy his since he barely used it. He just used it thrice, I think. The cheapskate that I am harbored the adapter for just a thousand bucks. That is Php800 less from the retail cost. Yes, I know what you have in mind. Php1.8grand for just a piece of adapter? It is. It's an Apple. I could only wish CD-R King has one but they don't have. For some Mac-totting businessmen, Php1.8k is just a small price to pay for an investment value. But I struggled such a thought to keep on buying expensive accessories. That is why I have a wide reach of contacts for the wise buyer in me.

Small device wallops a wonder.

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  1. It's not being kuripot but being wise and practical lang naman. Ganun din gagawin ko haha



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