Friday, March 28, 2014

Melting Pot Cafe in Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur revisited

No we don't stride Malaysia year after year. But this consecutive year has been loaded with Asian sojourns that we have not only accumulated wealth of experiences on other cultures but also amassed miles with out flight points. 

Malaysia has been close to my heart because of its brooding industrial installations without compromising the lush greeneries. It's a bustling metropolis where you can still see monkeys scamper close to skyscrapers, boa constrictor slithers across six lanes and hawks freely loitered around aerial vastness with other birds. 

And whenever we are in KL, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur has been our favorite home away from home. 

So let me take you once again to their famous dining scape at Melting Pot Cafe and see how it has been the last time we were here

This time we roamed around the pool side and the spa and wellness rooms. 

Assorted bread. 

Spanakopita, Greek cheese triangle. 

Croissants, Danish pastry and more. 

Made of rice. 

Cereal mates. 

Cereal porn. 

Bread mates. 

Salad tops. 

Radish something? 

I devoured them as they are. 

Pair it with your bread. 

Salad tops. 

Top it on your porridge. 

A good morning meal. 

Ham, chicken version. 

Delicious even if it's chicken-based. 

Shanghai roll. 

Another sausage made of chicken.


Hash browns?

Grilled tomatoes, good for the skin according to BL, that's why she's dermatologically radiant. 

Dimsum paradise. Why not, KL used to be proliferated by Chinese settlers during olden days.


For those who are into super spicy, make sure you top this. 

If these are chicken, how do we call these? Corned Chicken? 

Chicken, delish.

I shouldn't be surprised if their pork and bean doesn't contain pork for as long as it's labeled just beans, unlike our can of pork and beans only contains one of two square slices of pork like it's a needle in a huge pile of haystack. Although on the other hand I am not really into pork. 

I don't think it's "carne norte"(ground beef) since they don't eat cow and pork here, so it must be chicken norte?

Veggies. Make sure you have one of these, it's good for digestive purposes.

Remember that Oreo commercial when you dunk oreo into a glass of milk? Well, you can dunk Pitta bread here. 

Close to home. 

Chicken with curry sauce. 

Fruit medley.

Different fruit juices. 

Nothing much has changed. It's still a consistent wide array of choices and because we are having a hard time finding for a perfect dining spot outside the hotel, chances are we tend to gastronomically hoard the fusion cuisine at the buffet. Yes, as adventurous as I am when it comes to taste, there are still Asian entrees that I couldn't understand and can't eat. 

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