Sunday, March 23, 2014

Karlo's Gourmet and Coffee at the Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant Davao City

Dried and dreary, that was how we seemed after an afternoon of mall walk and watching a movie(oh, Liam Neeson is an unorthodox action figure because he can do justice to a movie without a display of brawn and biceps, just pure intellectual action). 

There wasn't that much choices to dine in so we sauntered along Karlo's Gourmet and Coffee. The place is nestled at the mountain ridge in Shrine Hills, with white walls standing like a Greek edifice, profuse lighting fixture, exquisite furnitures and a warm ambiance. What more can you ask for in a relaxing coffee shop slash a fusion restaurant that serves a concoction of French, Italian and Mexican cuisine acclimatized with a local taste. 

The ridge. 

The facade. 

The interior. 

The cakes on display.

Durian Coffee Gelato(Php125) - Durian-rich but not strong enough to ward off foreign taste. 

Guyabano Cofee Freeze(Php125) - soury taste of Guyabano, but I personally prefer Guyabano fruit. :)

Durian Mousse Cake(Php140) - You'd love a Durian because of this. 

They have other coffee flavors too that you can fine only here, Kape Langka,. Mangosteen Frappuccino and Kape Marang. 

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