Friday, March 7, 2014

On The Table Tokyo Cafe at the CentralWorld, Bangkok

Thailand is a potpourri of modern architecture and traditional elaboration, with Buddhist temples amidst the burgeoning skyscrapers and Byzantine buildings, and the fusion seemed communal in the urban landscape.

Same way as fusion restaurant, On The Table Tokyo Cafe, fused well into the mall's dining sphere. I normally put less penchant on restaurant found in malls because they tend to incline more into commercialization than into authenticity and quality entrees. On The Table veered from the norm. 

Elegantly tuck inside the mall's shopping section, On The Table Tokyo Cafe is a welcoming gustatory haven that raised the bar when it comes to taste and cultural concurrence. 

Pork Melted Cheese Curry Rice(THB 220).

Chicken Teriyaki(THB 185).

Salmon Teriyaki with Butter Rice(THB 255).

Seared Black Pepper Tuna Salad in light Japanese dressing(THB 240).

Strawberry, Banana and Peach Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream(THB 110). 

The price were relatively ok given the quality of food. The verdict is hands down, I would definitely recommend this to the dining populace. 

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