Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jeffer Steak at the Pantip Plaza, Bangkok

My tongue is chiseled such that it can only accommodate, let alone devour, common continental cuisine. I have been adventurously dining far and wide, restaurants to restaurants, city to city, country to country, but these are of austere and mainstream luxuriation, and I barely have any idea how it taste like in streets and suburbs. 

When we are in Thailand, if we are not in malls, we usually end up in fast foods with sparse and acclimatized food choices. 

Luckily, while happily cruising around a gadget-superlative and fashion-exuberant mall, we found this goldmine of gustatory goodness. 

Jeffer Steak is a local steakhouse in Thailand with branches mushrooming all over. They specialize in beef and steak dishes, plus some dashes of salmon, tuna, and chicken entrees too. it's a definite welcoming alternative to the usual fast food flair.

Fish fillet with spaghetti in mushroom sauce. She's really a spaghetti person. 

Porkchop and Chicken with veggie relish. 

Shake to conclude our meal. 

The food may not be that spectacular as compared to known steakhouses local or abroad, but they have a wide assortment of things that you can choose, from the safest selection to the most adventurous tongue. 

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