Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cafe Marco at the Marco Polo Davao Hotel

1999 - That was my maiden experience to be in Davao City where I enjoyed the comfort of my stay at Marco Polo Hotel. Fast forward until today(15 years later), I made a come back, like a swashbuckling stalwart out on a secondary culinary conquest, and this time account for what I have amassed, gastronomically. 

Sure enough to tickle one's gastronomic fancy and leisurely dining, Cafe Marco, serves an amelioration for both gourmand and gourmet with their festive buffet, exotic drinks and mouthwatering local cuisines. 

Replete with a wide range of season fruits and on top of its supple and eclectic entrees, Cafe Marco is heralded as the best of its kind in Davao. 

Now let's see where this smorgasbord extravaganza will lead us:

 Wine festival. 

Premium cookies on sale at the lobby. 

Bread. I just couldn't see any cheese.


Salad corner, the Korean way. 

Salad corner, the Western way. 

Salad corner, the Filipino way. 


Pork, mix it with your salad.

Tandoori corner. Have them do it the Mediterranean way. 

Maki, sushi and sashimi corner. 

Salad toppings, sauce mix. 

Assorted bread.

Fruits, was planning of picking one when I go out as I always do in a buffet.

Green salad with my favorite mix, deep fried Anchovy. 

Condiments, oh they're very fresh.

Okra with Shrimp Paste. 


Bitter melon and chicken. 


Beef. This is how we do beef at home. 

Roast chicken. 

White fish. 

Assorted seafoods. 

Vegetables. This is my specialty at home, in my ancestral home in Cebu. This is probably how the Visayan lumad cook their veggies. 


Chicken at their carving station. 

Grilled Tuna.

Salad mix for the Korean in me. 

Fruit medley. 




Durian Cake. Try it. 


Rolled chocolate cake. 

Rolled cake. 


Blueberry. My did wife surely love this. 

Cookies corner. Dunk them into your ice cream. 


Crepe. I wish they have a crepe corner to mix and match your crepe mix preference. 

Delicious indeed. 

Dessert ball with sesame seeds. Some fondly call this "Bochi."

Match this up with your mango crepes and you're all set. 

Ice cream mates. 

Ice cream toppings. 

Halo-halo corner. Do it yourself, make it a perfect blend of shaved ice, milk and toppings. 

Ice cream corner. 

Roast chicken with potatoes. 

Roast chicken with veggies. 

Tuna, grilled to perfection. 

For the 10% pork lover in me. 

It's a fish. 

Japanese maki. 

Do-it-yourself salad.

Fruit medley. 


Scoops of ice cream. 

Halo-halo(Filipino flavored shaved ice) with ice cream on top to satisfy the gourmand in me. 

Because the carving station lacks beef products, I was thinking that this buffet will not be at par to the buffet standards in its counterparts in the Metro Manila, but their extensive dessert lines raised the bar. 

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