Friday, April 6, 2012

Cafe in the Park at the Century Park Hotel

Bustling at the heart of Manila's commercial melting pot is Century Park Hotel, it is one of the premiere structures of the contemporary Manila with a grandiose lobby that is torn between the modernist and the medieval.

Archaic wooden structures, a large symphony orchestra lobby, a cascading waterscape are some of its interior highlights. One may think that it is astutely fitting for its location being in one of the oldest places in the metropolitan Manila.

It is graced by themed restaurants to choose from, Century Tsujuki, Deli Snack Bar, Atrium Lounge, Palm Grove, Top of the Century and Cafe in the Park.

Cafe in the Park serves an indulging meal that is both Filipino and continental.

Let's see what they have in its sleeve.

Assorted bread to jumpstart your meal.

Start it off with this.

From the salami and other thinly sliced meat section.

And more.

And more.

And more.

And more.

And even more variants.

Salted egg.


Fresh tofu.

And a lot more.

At the Japanese section.

Or you can DIY your salad.

Salad Station

Seafood Station.

Grillables include Salmon Head, Chicken, Sausage Medley, Bangus, Tuna Belly and Liempo.

Another one from the Asian section.

Scrambled Egg.

Bola Bola.

Chicken Feet and SpareRibs with Tausi and a lot more.


Chicken Releno.

Beef Medallion.

Japanese Siomai, Pork Siomai and Chicken Siomai.

Taosa Pao, Bola bola Pao and Asado Pao.

Noodles of you choice.

Asian Station includes noodles with your own preference of chicken or beef meat ingredients.

Fried Chicken Wings.

Relenong Alimasag.

Sesame Crumb Pork Chop with Plum Sauce.

Fish Fillet with Black Beans.

Buttered Vegetable of the Day and Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa.


And the star of them all, the Carving Station presents… Roast Prime Rib.

Tower of fresh fruits.

I haven't tasted most of the sweets here.

More sweet indulgences.

Halo-Halo factory.

And another one from the dessert section.

Let's see what's on my plate:

I asked the chef to make a Chinese Noodle Soup with a Beef and Chicken combination.

Salmon, Tuna, Beef and a Sausage Medley.

This is well done and medium well. I should have tried Medium Rare too.

Dimsum and they are really large. One of the largest pieces that I have eaten so far.

Maki and Sashimi. Thank goodness, their wasabi has a roundhouse kick.

Grilled Shrimp, yum yum. Whenever you ask the waiter to grill something for you, they deliver it to your table with a dip already.

Relenong Alimasag, Crab in a Marsala Curry Sauce and Chicken Relleno.

Chicken Vegetable Soup.

Fruits - my favorite Mango and Watermelon.

My Halo-Halo with ice cream on top.

They only have two variants of ice cream, Vanilla and Ube.

I asked a chef to make a crepe for me. Mango is my favorite and because it has lots of them, it pleases my tongue already.

I have noticed though that their servers/waitresses are in between late 40s to almost 60s years old. Not that there's anything bad with it but they reminded me of my school teachers. The younger ones provided excellent customer service while the elderlies did not. The way they dish out customer service is somewhat akin to any government agency, where customers service is close to none, and is not one of the tenets of their existence.

For a price of Php998, i don't think it was well worth it. You'd rather have Vikings or Buffet 101 for that range.


  1. Wow, I love the buffet at Century actually. But then it was always libre. Hahaha!

  2. @Bea: pagtumuntong kase sya sa Php1k price point, mataas na expectation ko sa kanya. kaso although kumpleto yung mga stations niya(e.g., japanese, chinese, european, carving, desserts) medyo kulang pa rin ng variety at each station.

  3. aww so it's quantity over quality in this buffet huh? Sayang naman! pero siguro kung gutom na gutom ako, okay narin to :D

  4. @Hazel: hello hazel, it lacks quantity pa nga eh. :)although they have complete section.

  5. hi =) just happened to chance upon your blog and i mussay i am utterly amazed! :) (in a good way) by the buffets you've been to and your appetite hehehe. you have such a nice and informative blog, you've just found a new follower in me :)
    and in any chance, you do cook or intend to, do drop by my blog :)

    abbey >>

  6. @Abbey: hello abbey. thank you. i seldom cook since i am alone in the house. but if i do, i will sure tap you. :)

  7. I will tell to my friend that we will be visit in this Café in the Park at Century Park Hotel next month. Thanks for sharing this marvelous information about in this hotel.


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