Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thunderbird Resorts: Splendor of Santorini

The long 8hour drive, frequent stop over because of my weak bladder(diabetics like me suffered from excessive urination), the forced stop because of traffic violation (thankfully the traffic enforcer didn't confiscate the license), and the wrong turns that had us lost our way(we made a wrong turn from Magallanes so we ended up at the SLEX straight instead of Pasay) really paid off. Upon reaching the place, I was enthralled by the slice and splendor of Santorini, or something like it.

Nestled on a peninsula of over 65 hectares of prime property, Thunderbird Resorts is a Mediterranean-inspired hotel that offers much more than just a relaxing habitat but a prime complex with international casino, all-weather golf course, and the serenity of a beautiful landscape.

True enough, it's a slice of Santorini, even their cafe lobby is called Santorini Lounge. The place is teeming with a paradise resort perched in a 100foot cliff and a nice view of the ocean

All the more it became like an ambient luxury of Greece as friends from all races came in, American, Italian, Chinese, Taiwanese, British, Indonesian, Belgian, etc. It was a wedding celebration of West-meets-East after all, Andrew is from New York and Mariss from Baguio.

A world class, modern comfort awaits one when you enter inside the hotel complex - sizzling night life, diversity of entertainment, and the innovative dining. Some NFF who were there includes Kira Blaco, Scott Humm, Stephen Hennessy, Chloe Hardwood, Marcel Sutanto, Wai Chung, Sarah Jessup, Philip Nipshagen, Jeffrey Jin Liu, Marianna Convertino and her wonderful Mom.

My three day stay was all worth it.

Thunderbird Resorts is located at Poro Point Freeport Zone in San Fernando City, La Union. Be warned to be slaved by your seatbelt for 8hours to get there.


  1. beautiful!!! i had to re-read the first paragraph you wrote because i thought this wasn't in the philippines. haha!

    guangzhou is a nice place, i just wasn't able to go around that much because i'm stuck in the hospital most of the time... =)

  2. @Pia: how was your dad. i hope he gets well soon so that you can explore beautiful places there.

  3. *Sigh*
    I wanted to vote for you at the Influential Bloggers' Award but it seems like you've been around since 2009. Wah! I wish I had found you last year.

  4. @Bea: hahaha... that's so sweet. ikaw naman, i don't need to nominate you because you have been raking lots of webbie accolades already. in fact, your blog isn't just a blog anymore, but an online culture.


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