Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Vine Grille Buffet at Eastwood Mall Veranda

Testing the gourmand waters, Old Vine Grille Eastwood launched its new doze of dining experience via buffet spread. This should serve as an unmistakable acid test to their skill in prepping up dishes in an epic proportion without the compromise of quality, just as other buffet restaurants had been.

Old VIne Grille is a cozy Italian and French restaurant seated at the veranda of Eastwood Mall which is generally a steak place, but also renowned for its Salmon Carpaccio with Champagne Vinaigrette or Pan-Fried Foie Gras. Apparently nothing much had been changed since the last time I was here.

It has obviously earned some culinary notoriety as some of its menu are named after its avid celebrity diners and guest chefs.

Since we were late, we were seated at the far end inside the claustrophobe-inducing conference room, hence my sign of disgruntlement.

Salad section.

Must-have for your salad. My college room mate didn't patronize me into this idea as he is not really a fanboy for raw meats.

Crunchy veggies, best to go with your meats. Not only do they get rid of the icky factor, they can also help in the digestion process.

What is Old Vine Grille without the grillables.

We were here late so the spread were already, poorly lambasted by fellow piranha like me. Poor beef.

Baby Potatoes. I love the saltiness, just right to ignite a voracious appetite.

Baby Back Ribs, loads of them. If you're after of these, then this buffet might just be right for you. You get to spend almost the same than buying these at your favorite steak houses.

Right beside this Carving Station is their Pasta Station.

A meal couldn't be complete without the dessert.

Bring them some more.

Sweet indulgences.

Sweet for my sweet… tooth.

Let's see what did I have on my table. I had the Chef whipped up a Pesto Pasta for me, my favorite pasta kind.

Then on to my main entrees.

I had the raw oysters baked in bathed in butter.

A serious take on the Baby Back Ribs. Awhile ago was just a warm up.

A soup alone is not a compromise of the quality, delicious with perfectly sliced tidbits of meats and veggies.

Am I about to conclude already with these desserts?

Oh, wait, the Baby Back Ribs are so heavenly. I can't wait for my second and third round.

And finally my salad.

For Php595, a Dad's Ultimate Buffet would be of another option if you're after of the variety. But I can't assure you of the taste though. I am not saying they're a gourmet buffet(I haven't heard of such actually), but at the very least, in Old Vine Grille, if you're spending regular meal on their a la carte menu, you'd spent just as much as you would in their buffet, so that alone is a deal-breaker for me.

So now that explains why I have to return more than three times for one variant, because they don't have that much to choose from.


  1. I love how you eat and yet never gain weight - jealous, haha!

  2. Oysters! Baby Back Ribs! and is that Brazo de Mercedez???


  3. @Katey: talent yan dear. bwahahaha. madali ako tumunaw, at pag hindi na kayang tunawin ng katawan ko, isusuka nya. you have to master your physiology to maintain your body mass.

  4. @Peach: yes, baked oysterski, baby back ribski, and brazo de mercedezki. :) chalapski.

  5. how fast do they refill empty chafing dishes ? and what time do they stop bothering to refill?

  6. @Anonymous: i'm sorry, i am not aware because the buffet is at the veranda which is outside and we were tuck inside at the far end where the vernada view is not viewable at all. but when we left, they didn't refill the baby back ribs. i think it was safe to assume that they already know the diners' consumption/capacity.

  7. i love your blog sir

  8. oysters and baby back ribs.. my kind of combination..

    1. but that's for dinner only. they have mongolian buffet only for lunch.

  9. hello there! my sister's birthday is coming up and we want to treat her to a buffet lunch. we are a party of 12, 8 adults and 4 children (ages 4, 8 and 12). How much is your buffet? Do you give a complimentary cake to the celebrant? pls email me at or text me at 09159705815


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