Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Philippine Astronomy Convention 2012

We're closing in towards February and the Philippine Astronomy Convention is already at the horizon. People in the scientific community are already extremely busy doing the logistics and legworks as to the event organization and activity line up. We are not a skilled events organizers and we hope event activities can be encapsulated in a 'field equations' we are working. But it's not, and it takes more than just an intellectual cranial muscle to do it, most of it takes an undeniable charm to have permits approved, contracts sealed and budgets signed.

As usual, I am slated to make a talk on some astronomy topics. Since the convention's theme revolves around 2012 and its correlative doomsday hullabaloo, I have chosen a topic that is more encompassing to the end of days scenario of all life forms.

My talk is entitled "Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Fate of the Universe."

I know I am usually crunching several equations(e.g., Newtonian Dynamic and Keppler's Law, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity) in my talks but ironic as it may seem, in the hall of the Philippine's first university to offer astronomy course, I will try as much as I can to make my talk fairly comprehensible to the very human understanding in us. :)

See? I even accounted these stars as part of the cosmic inventory. But that is partly true, we are an integral part of the ordinary matter composition(Note: I specifically term it ordinary, because there are exotic matters as much as there is a Dark Matter).

We, as human beings, are a byproduct of the death of stars. The calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our entire molecular composition, are the remnants of the death of stars. As one famous astronomer, Carl Sagan, quotes it "we are made of star stuff."

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