Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dad's Ultimate Buffet

The first time I was at Dad's was wayback 1999 when buffet was not yet a mainstream dining habit, and blogging was not yet an online literary notoriety, much less food blogging.

Just today, in celebration of my college room mates birthday, we troop to the place like hungry lions hunting for its prey. Our faces so ferociously beastly that one can literally feel the hungry animals in us when we headed to Dad's Kamayan and Saisaki Buffet.

Last 1999 that I hit Dad's was at Megamall. This time, since we expect a lot of urban zombies to swarm all of the country's malls, we diverted to West Avenue.

Although the building is a little bit of unkempt and surely needs overhauling, the place is nevertheless clean and well-resolved. The set up remained their signature arrangement, sorted with a dedicated section for each buffet type, separation of Dad's, Kamayan, and Saisaki.

The buffet is classified into two dining type, one for not-so-hungry lions with Blue Plate. And the other for the staunch hungry pride with White Plate, they call it Ultimate Buffet where you can crisscross at all sections. Although I forgot the price for the Blue Plate but for our buffet type, White Plate, it was pegged at Php645 but you are obliged to get their Moist Towel which at Php4 each. And since we don't want to devour gargantuan volume without ramming down our throats, we got ourselves a bottomless soda which is at Php81.

Although it may pale in comparison as it with Spiral, Circles, and Heat, I couldn't complain at its price point.


  1. sarap, sushi... i heart!

    i think i like dad's branch in glorietta better

  2. @Katey: oo nga, mukhang maganda pa Glorieta. kahit Megamall nga maganda na rin. kaso kase tatauhin kase yung mga lugar na yun eh. mas gusto ko pa naman less-crowded, if not uncrowded.

  3. Everyone should try Dads Megamall, all the people there are very friendly, courteous and efficient. all waiters serve you as if it was an ala carte. and there's wide choices of food which will surely satisfy all your cravings! More Power to all people of Dads Megamall, Bravo!

  4. @Anonymous: that was what I have tried actually. in fact, i am one of the earliest diners of the Megamall branch, having dined in since 1999.

  5. i just tried Dad's in Glorietta yesterday.
    The Saisaki part is the best, the tempura and sukiyaki and sushi makes the price worth it!
    Desserts aren't good.
    and yes, to my surprise, they charged us PHP4 each for the moist towelettes. I had this stricken off our bill because i said that we did not order for them anyway.
    they obliged easily. this is really sad considering they charge "willing" customers. although the amount is paltry, the principle behind it is questionable and is very disappointing.

  6. @Anonymous: you'd be surprised as to the number of buffet we have in manila.


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