Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping life simple

I have been a Batman in the Renaissance Era whose waist, pockets and backpacks are full of utility gears for my mobile lifestyle. My affinity with these arsenals started out too early, perhaps I can say that I used to be one of the early adapters of these technological marvels and whenever there's one, I easily jump into the bandwagon of go-getters and took the first dip.

During college for instance, there were only three of us in the entire campus who owned a cellphone. Mine was a Philips Fizz, my other classmate Motorola(I forgot the model) and schoolmate friend a Nokia 100(that ice crusher model).Then onto my work, my company issued me a Motorola pager.

Until during the PDA era, and I owned a whole gamut of them too, from the monochrome Palm M105 to color Palm M130, Palm M505 to Sony Clie SJ30, then my last PDA was the Sony Clie TJ37.

Now, I am bent on sticking to just two phones, an iPhone as my main phone and a Samsung as my auxiliary unit, one a Globe line and the other a Sun. I am planning to keep life simple by just owning a few gadgets now, few and really necessary.

They can also be used as a secondary camera as both of them really churned out good photos. But I noticed somehow their output difference.

iPhone has more vivid colors but a bit grainy. It has faster shutter speed though.

Samsung leaned towards a fluorescent mode in the white balance spectra but has a slower shutter speed.

If you look at them on the phone, Samsung has e better image quality since it uses SuperAMOLED screen and has good contrast output. But you need to look at them on a computer to see real score up close.

All in all, they're good during the times when dSLR failed to keep you a company, especially during emergency purposes where you didn't expect you need to capture something.


  1. I like samsung's image better and true when you don't have your digi cam or dslr, this is the best handy cam to bring along.

  2. @Katey: at the very least, i am bringing the best of both worlds.

  3. Oh but of course! masarap maraming bit bit


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