Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OLPC, only phone version

Globe Family Combo has been around was launched since 2008, but a promo like this are hardly noticed since it doesn't have any value added on me as I hail from a relatively small family.

But what caught my attention is the Samsung Galaxy Y. Sure enough, touchscreen technology has been in the midst, but touchscreen technology with an Android OS, that reminds me of the OLPC concept way back 2006.

Technology determinism has indeed foisted in into the alleys of our society that every man can now have a decent OS that does not only do calling and texting but with all the mobile connectivity functionalities as well, a feat that was once thought can only be done on a regular computer.

Globe's Family Combo meant 3 lines, 3 phones, and 3 unlimited services. Just choose your plan(Globe or TouchMobile UnliCall and Text, UnliCall to mobile and landline, or UnliTxt to all networks), choose your phone(Samsung Galaxy Y, Huawei U8350 they call "CloudPhone Temptation," of Blackberry Curve 8520 that comes with Php4,800 cash out), and choose your booster with Globe's unlimited services.

Of course, the obvious decent choice would be to get the Samsung Galaxy Y.

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