Saturday, October 8, 2011

Matsuri: Order-all-you-can Japanese cuisine

From the same buffet innovators who brought to you Dad's Saisaki and Kamayan Restaurants once again displayed their entrepreneurial flare by coming out a Japanese restaurant with the concept "think of the the food you like, then sit and back and relax, we'll bring it on your table."

The restaurant is a cosmopolitan Japanese, Matsuri, located at Tomas Morato near ABS-CBN compound.

The ordering style is similar to the Red Kimono. You pick any food you like on their menu and they'll cook it up for you. You can even pick as often as you want.

We(me and my college room mate) started off our meal with Saisaki, Yaki Soba(ramen noodle with assorted vegetables and oyster sauce), Manhattan Panko Roll, and Califormnia Maki.

Then we REPEATEDLY got ourselves an Ushe Ebi Tempura, Kani Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, and Aspara Bacon Maki Teriyaki. Our second order was obviously another round of Tempura.

Then followed by Kani Sashimi(crab stick), Tamago(Japanese version of egg omelette), Mixed Kamameshi Rice Pot, and Tempura Crunchy Roll.

We're almost done. Our stomach is not a bottomless pit, so hang on. These are the Matsuri Beef, Creamy Chicken Mushroom Ragout(grilled boneless chicken topped with assorted Japanese mushrooms and asparagus in a creamy Champignon sauce, drizzled with Teriyaki sauce, dusted with Togarashi and freshly-cracked black pepper), Matsuri Salad(a combination of strawberry, blueberry, sliced apples, orange, slivered almonds with Hachimitzu Balsamic Vinaigrette), and Kani Salad(classic Japanese salad with cucumber crab stick, Mango, and Ebiko).

Lastly, for the desserts, we got Chocolate Ice Cream, Muscovado and Vanilla Bean Cream Brûlée, Fresh Fruits in Season, and Gyoza(steamed/fried classic Japanese dumpling).

Never underestimate us when it comes to buffet as there are some orders we devoured but forgot to take note of and are not in the pic. So think about how long our intestines are that when unbridled could even reach up to the moon. For Php595 per head, it was well worth it.


  1. I just finished 5km... and seeing this makes me want to run more hahahahaha! i-want!!!

  2. Let's do BFAST! not unless it's anywhere in your blog already.. =\

  3. whew! anotha Jap haven to check out!! thanks for the latest comment on my site bro! haha wild! fashion preference by wickeRmoss at yer service!:))

  4. teka lang dear ha? mag ccomment muna ako sa hair mo........ PAGUPIT KA NA!!! hehehe~

    another smorgasbord from the one and only. I drooled at Muscovado and Vanilla Bean Cream Brûlé

  5. Uy, diet na ako pagkatapos nung Boodle tapos papakitaan mo ako ng ganito....I want Ebi tempura!

  6. @Peach: eto gawin mo, diet ka from Mon-Thurs, kain ka marami Fri Sat Sun. :)

  7. @Katey: hellooooo... i miss you. pinapahaba ko talaga yan dear para madali i-rebond. :)

    yeah!!! smorgasbord ulet, from the buffet piranha. hahaha.

  8. @Charles: yeah, japo resto. sa akin food lang, sayo food and fashion, hahaha.

  9. @Chat: yeah, run towards the restaurant. you can run 5k, and eat 5pounds of food afterwards.

  10. such a great deal! thanks for sharing, im definitely checking this one out :)

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  11. speaking of which I was at ABS CBN earlier today and saw matsuri, ang layo :(

  12. @Katey: hahahaha, yung layo depende sa reference point yan dear. besides ipagmaneho ka naman ni MB so you need not worry. hahaha.

  13. @FashionEggplant: sure thingy, thanks for dropping by. will check out your fashion blog too.

  14. *droollsss* Jap order-all-you-can!!!
    kainis ang layo.. huhu love japanese foodie =(
    from Fort BoNifacio, Global City achoo, i dont have a driver
    megamall lang naliligaw na ko haha.. what more Q.C
    tskkk sayang hope mma-try ko dito~walang Diet!

    thanks for sharing!!!!!

  15. @Diane: hire mo ako driver mo. hahaha. bring justine para has nakakatuwa.


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