Monday, October 10, 2011

Park Avenue Desserts: A sweet utopia

Chef Buddy Trinidad has a Midas touch on the sweet anatomy that whatever he touches turned out into a heavenly dessert. And his pastry shop slash chocolate bar slash cake coinage, Park Avenue Desserts, has been a treasure trove of anything blissfully sumptuous.

I have been ordering cakes from Park Avenue Desserts since 2005, when their patisserie is still located in Pasay. It was just recently that I discovered that they relocated at Paseo Magallanes while I traverse the Skyway going to Alabang. I have waited that long for them to open up a retail front.

I thought that having a sandwich is a demure way of having a lunch. I was dead wrong. Their Tomato, Basil, and Mozarella Panini(Php180) is not a faux meal and definitely not for the weak gastronome. It's delicious and similarly filling, astutely fitting for the gourmand and the gourmet alike.

Since my all-time favorite cake, Quadruple Chocolate Climax Mousse Cake, isn't serve in retail outlets, Roca Cake(Php150), I thought, would do. I was never wrong. The Roca Cake is a combination of Caramel Cream and Creme Brûlée with chocolate ganache with roasted almonds is another testament to Chef Buddy's skill on effortlessly creating cakes equivalent to divine experiences.

And his choice of plating as shown in my 100% organically brewed coffee(Php80) is also a display of artistry. Even a glass of water comes with an embroidered lace motif. Who else could think about just a mere glass with exorbitant creativity.

The coffee by the way is brewed in small batches so you can be assured of its freshness.

His winning formula? While I study the tabular display of known elements in their atomic structures and quantum composition, Chef Buddy, on the other hand, has a Periodic Table of Desserts. How else can he be wrong in his concoction.

Park Avenue Desserts probably serves metropolitan's finest ensemble of desserts which I can highly recommend to everyone. It's a sweet utopia.


  1. Looks delish! Off the topic by the way! We have sausage eating contest on Friday haha! Rootbeer drinking contest too! You should sign up!

  2. I love Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella panini and the Roca Cake is to die for!

  3. climax mousse cake? looks awesome! arghh tempting!:))

  4. @Chat: Schatzi's sausage ba yan? or Angel's Burger sausage.

  5. @Peach: yeah, grabeh, both my taste and tummy were satisfied. sarap talaga. tsaka sa panini may parang petals petals pa sila, crunchy and so yummy too.

  6. @Charles: yeah, so awesomely sarap here.


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