Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Johnny Rockets: American 70's bistro

It's an American sprit of 69 in the orient coast. It's Johnny Rockets, a Melrose Avenue-based restaurant chain that offers more than just feel-good comfort food but a one of a kind dining experience where Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis music still lives.

Had this been year 1960's, we could have been dining along with the Sicilian mobsters and American wise guys in Thomson automatic submachine guns. Glad that it's not, so the crew can freely dance to their hearts delight.

And since I mentioned it, I actually thought that Filipinos dancing in public would have aggravated our image as Asia's agogo dancing republic, be it Olongapo's strip club to Cebu Pacific's dancing FAs, to the street's dancing traffic enforcers. I just don't think it's a talent we should flaunt without proper stage set up.

After running some errands at the Bonifacio Global City, I went to Johnny Rockets Tomas Morato to have dinner with a college room mate. He just moved to a new company(good for him) with high hopes and a promising career(good for him), so it's our way to enjoy and celebrate.

He ordered Rocket Double(Php495 + 12% SC), comprising of two fresh patties, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, onion slice, and their brand of special sauce. His order comes along with unlimited fries, something that was easily depleted as we shared it.

Upon seeing the word "bacon", my eyes twinkled and I immediately ordered Bacon Cheddar Double(Php595 + 12% SC). It has a two fresh potatoes, tick bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, onion slice and a special sauce. I added Php30 + 12% SC for a side salad.

I actually thought that the Bacons are spread on the topmost patty only but I was wrong. It's a double patty, double layers of bacon too.

Along with the number of bites we have to make, a bottomless soda(Php110 + 12% SC) should be sufficient to complement our taste buds and rid away the icky factor.

They are a bit pricey though but for burger to burger comparison, I think I love the Mr. Jones better.


  1. huaw! tumulo laway ko ahahaha. ang mahal naman nyan!

  2. I haven't tried Mr. Jones yet. But I agree with you, mahal nga ang price ng Johny Rockets

  3. @Peach: i can't help comparing them with Mr Jones since they are both 70's bistro-designed. And they play 60's to 70's music too.

  4. wow! out of topic tho ={ i wonder why you're not gaining so much weight.. seems like you're eating a lot haha =)
    seriously, Loving all your blog posts, very informative and helpful..
    enjoyed reading them =))

    kaso nakakasira ka ng DIET! hahaha

  5. @Diane: that's because i do this: "fast on week days, feast on week ends" or pwede rin "fast food on week days, fine dining on week ends."


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