Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bistro Casanova: Dining a charmed life

I am no charmer(as my kumpare Cliff calls it "Estrogen Agitator"), instead I am the antithesis of being one. I soar miles ahead as a man of science but I definitely suck six feet as a knight in shining armor, incapable of even asking a woman's name in a bar while the conversation already extends to the far reaches of the universe. Sorry Cliff, I really am a true blue "Testosterone Blue."

Wishing that I can have at least a bit of Howard Wolowitz's guts, I went to Forbes Town to have my lunch.

Tucked inside the Burgos Circle at the Bonifacio Global City lies an Italian restaurant named Bistro Casanova which serves authentic Italian cuisine, and just like who it is named after, Giacomo Casanova, world's known women's man, I too am hoping that this Italian Job that will change a bit of my scruple.

I started off my lunch with a soup, a Minestrone alla Genovese(vegetable soup with cannellini beans).

Another kick off entree is the Casanova Insalate(a combination of lettuce, cucumber, ham, pineapple, chicken breast and croutons in mustard dressing).

For the pasta, I got Aglio Olio Peperoncino(oil-base pasta with garlic, olive oil, and chill).

Then on to the launching of my full lunch throttle comes a 12" Quatro Stagioni(a pizza combo comprising of four different tastes: Boscaiola, Napoli, Fruittii de Mare, and Casanova).

And there for the main meal, Risoto di Mare that comes with seafood and tomato sauce.

To complement my Risoto, I got Petti di Pollo Spadellati Salvia(chicken breast with pesto cream sauce).

You know me as someone who can't live without dessert, so I ordered two: Panna Cota and...

Concluding my meal is a Mango Tango.

What did I get out of that Quixotic quest? None but a gastronomic satisfaction and a guilty pleasure. It was well worth it for only Php549.

Now I will have my iPhone snooze me for a gym session tomorrow. I must.


  1. Mango Tango looks better and I assume tastes better than the cakes last Friday.

    Hilarious about the you and women part. Science can't answer everything huh? Why not in the middle of your conversation do some scientific pickup lines? Either that can creep her out or make her laugh.

    Is this set meal or what? I'm finally done with my entry wish me luck! >=D

  2. at dalawa pa talaga ang dessert! This is what I call a meal!

  3. @Rachel: yes, it definitely tastes better. hindi minamadali pagbake nya. unlike what we have eaten, kelangan pa isawsaw sa kape.

    and yeah, correct, sana nag makahanp ako ng docking station, so i can just dock it at a woman;'s mind and download everything. hirap case espellingin eh.

    scientific pick up lines like"Black Hole ka ba? hinihigop mo puso ko eh."

    it's not a set meal. i ordered them all.

  4. @peach: yeah, dalawang klase lang yan, but i ordered it twice. bwahahaha.

  5. Hindi naman mga tipong "I totally have my ION you!" or "Hey babe! what's your sine?"

    Ewan ko nalang kung kailangan pa ng rocket science para jan. Sigurado pag sinabi mo yan sasabihin sayo "Wanna see a constillation?" =)) guess what's next...

    and yeah cake na sinawsaw sa cake... total fail...

  6. @Rach: madali kase i-massproduce pagpareparehong cake, icing lang pinagkaiba, hahaha. so fail. it's what you call "economy of convenience."

  7. The salad and the panna cotta are two of my favorites! I wish I can try it out soon ; p


  8. @Michelle: ah, kaya ka pala ganyan kaganda, it's your intake. you are what you eat. very healthy.

  9. @Katey: yeah, just like you, everything lovely. :)

  10. i wanna briong home that red chair!!!! lovely interiors!!

  11. @Charles: i thought of it first. so i will bring it home right before you will. :)

  12. this post made me laugh! testosterone blue and estrogen agitator :)) hahaha!

    wow that's a lot of food! may kasama ka naman nyan diba? i love the pizza! super nakakagutom :D

  13. @Smarla: the geeky gorgeousness that you are, i'm sure you love how me and my geeky friends form out our words. hahaha.


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