Monday, October 10, 2011

Crocodile-meat burger at Nueve Cafe

I love food. It is the only terrestrial object that gravitates me into wielding something extraordinary, like trying out unspeakable methods of culinary wonder, or traveling far and wide just to taste outlandishly exotic cuisines.

And lately it did. Nueve Cafe, the metro's home for crocodile meat burgers, coaxed me to taste their Indiana Jones-inspired comfort foods. Distance and the monsoon rain couldn't even stop me from traveling from Quezon City all the way to Alabang Zapote to try it out.

Nueve Cafe is located in Wilcon Home Builder's Depot, Alabang Zapote branch, right beside Goodyear Tires Alabang. No worry about parking, they have a spate of parking spaces.

Although I couldn't grasp as to why they put up a cafe inside a Wilcon building, I settled on a thought that this is perhaps a test market. But there's not even a right amount of market demographic to test in the area. Or perhaps they don't want to sensationalize themselves as crocodiles belonged to critically endangered species.

Apart form the Dundee Cheeseburger Burger(Php100), a burger made of 100% pure crocodile meat which naturally lean and low in fat, they also have the crocodile meat in sausage form, like Dundee Sausage in a bun(Php110) that comes in a plain or with cheese variant.

Romi, one of our Project Executives from Germany, said that crocodile meats have a very neutral taste, I don't know if he meant bland. I have known him to be brutally honest and impeccably precise. He has been right all along. I didn't find the burger to be spectacularly delicious. Had there been lamb burgers, I may like it over the crocs.

They also have other comfort foods like Pasta Bolognese, Pasta Carbonara, Pork Steak, Classic Caldereta, Bistek Tagalog, Fillet O Crisp, Chicken Pork Adobo, Classic Beef Burfer, Creamy Chicken Burger, Classic Crab Sandwhich, and Tuna-based clubhouse sandwiches too.

Their all-time favorites include Croc Sisig(Php195), a Pinoy delicacy made of crocodile meat. They also sell raw crocodile meat for Php250 per serving. I don't know how large is that though.


  1. Is it even legal to serve crocs?! I mean would they actually kill just for the meat? :| can't imagine...

    1. hello? kaya nga may crocodile farm duh?!? they farm them for both the meat and the leather.

  2. interesting but super layo... I'll stick to my Halloween goodies na lang muna..LOL!

  3. @Chat: i don't know eh. i don't know if the prime objective of killing a croc is to serve more leathers to Manels or LV or McJim. :) then they just sell the meats to whoever. or perhaps what i ate is already double-dead? :)

  4. @Peach: oo nga, layo nga. the gas and the toll fee. pero oks lang. minsanan lang naman to eh. :)

  5. crocs shoud stay as footwear na lang sana! ang sad naman:(

  6. @Charles: speaking of Crocs as a footwear, when i dined in at Luk Yuen which is just right across the the tinge area, i noticed that the sales lady pronounced their merchandise differently, like one pronounced it as "kraks" while the other stalls as "krowks". makes me wonder, maybe these fake Crocs have different suppliers, thus they pronounced items of the same spelling differently.

  7. The croc sausages are actually available in different locations aside from Nueve :)
    Please see link:

    There are other Nueve branches as well.

    The croc meat comes from a Triple "AAA" slaughterhouse and are HACCP & GMP certified. It is therefore not double dead meat and is legally acquired and slaughtered =)


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