Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy FaMEALy Day design

Although, as a family, we are divided by our entrepreneurial paths, we are united by our individual respect for each other. There are just five of us in the family, my parents and my two brothers, and at a small number that we have, we took different paths of careers and endeavors of choice. But whenever half of the family members converge, we always make sure that we get to catch with each other up, talks about career, business, latest find, latest technology, latest software, latest dibidi and TV series.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think that is the same concept of promulgating the Happy Family Day Act.

And since it is impossible for all of us to huddle, here I am celebrating it by my colleague's mandate. I have to make a Happy FaMEALy Day design for her son to be submitted at school. Yes, I have been doing digital designs and artwork pieces for my friends as an added portfolio of my graphic design endeavor.

And artwork pieces I meant to be painting but sadly I didn't get to have more time to paint now and because of the squeaky room space that I have, I vowed to keep my room neat and orderly, consequently limiting my creative horizon to limit my painting job orders to just twice a year.

Unlike digital artworks, the need for paint brushes, easels, palettes, palette knives, cleaning kits, and what-have-you's is crunched into the algorithms of a computer. And I can do it whenever, wherever for as long as I have my MacBookPro with me. Coffee shops and smoothie cafe have always been my common creative juice squeezers.


  1. design for a cause!what can I say? ang bait mo namang officemate!

  2. @Peach: mura lang bayad nyan. nilutuan lang nya ako ng cordon bleu panglunch ko. :)

  3. Very creative! Keep up the great artistic work!


  4. @Michelle: oo nga, kaso hindi uusbong raket ko kung puro ka-opisina ko yung nagpapagawa sa akin, libre kase eh.

  5. nice creativity touch !

    btw, re: ur Sofitel Q: the open grounds are well, accessible naman na except for Spiral... still undergoing renovation. thanks for droppin by wickermoss' site:)

  6. @Charles: thanks. can't wait to be back at Sofitel.


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