Friday, September 23, 2011

Snackaroo Steak: No frill steakhouse

I don't get it. Nowhere can you see snack foods being served, so it's probably because you only get to shell out a snack-worth of money to pay for a humongous steak that literally fill the entire plate at Snackaroo, hence they call this quaint little, hole-in-the-wall find as Snackaroo.

The line between my gourmet and gourmand tendencies hangs in the balance as I have tasted the Snackaroo steak. I mean, it may not bear the same quality meats certified by USDA or CAB standards and served in upscale steakhouses like Elbert Steak Room, Gulliver's Steak (Eastern Hotel), Melo's Steakhouse, Mamou Serendra, The Fireplace(Hyatt Hotel), CRU Steakhouse(Marriott Hotel), and Prince Albert Rotisserie, but if you're leaning towards the gourmand side, you wouldn't mind dining at Snackaroo.

My colleague at work kidded that for all I know it might be horse meat. LoL. I hope not. But just as I thought Everything at Steak serve the cheapest steak in huge slab, I was wrong. Snackaroo serve even bigger at a lesser price.

But unlike Everything at Steak which serves a whole gamut of meat products from steaks to back ribs, Snackaroo only serve beef, chicken, and pork variants, like steaks and liempo. Although, they have other beef and pork-based offerings like Papaitan na Baka, Beef Caldereta, Sisig, and Bopis.

Snackaroo steak are char-broiled and not pan-seared, unlike other commercial steak houses. You can basically taste the difference between a food cooked in a natural fire than the ones which are not. But the steak doesn't come with free side dishes, only a gravy and soup.

It's a no frill, no bells-and-whitles place, the ambiance of Snackaroo is simply a carinderia serving steak.

If you want to drink water and not soda, better bring your own bottle of Absolute or Perrier Mineral Water. The water they serve is a faucet water. :)

But for a Php130 price point, you get what you'd paid for. For the steak and two cups of rice, I only paid Php160.


  1. ang sushal ng tubig..Perrier... LOL!
    Kidding aside,mahilig ako sa steak na mura na masarap this is okay in my book.hehehe

  2. @Peach: hahaha... sometimes it is not being a sosyal or not. sometimes it's like having no choice, esp if you suffered gastric problem and the only option you have is a carbonated water. i used to feel crunching pain before after drinking just ordinary mineral water, so i have to drink Perrier every time. :)

    and for the "mura-ever' steaks, you can also try Everything At Steak.

  3. hi,

    where is this resto located?

  4. @Anonymous: they have two branches, one at the Judge Jimenez Quezon City, near Kamuning Road. the other at Matalino Street near Quezon City Hall and Kalayaan Street, QC.


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