Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blackwood Bistro at Venice Piazza

New York slash Paris slash Tokyo-inspired bistro, Blackwood Bistro, at Venice Piazza, is where I headed at to have my lunch last Sunday.

I have always been drawn by the eclectic blue-lit tree like fixture in their counter but never had a chance to try their menu. My friends had been trying to drag me because of their famous Buffalo Crab Claws to which they claim to be their brimming pride as the only restaurant in the metro that has it.

Now is finally the time, or so I thought.

Blackwood Bistro's design elements were leaning towards a slope of virility, with the presence of dark-colored woods, maverick paintings. and anything masculine. Even wine racks slapped on their walls were a telltale sign of brave and bold market demography that they are serving. But it's a design motley of New York and Paris urban chill-out bar. I shouldn't be surprised since the chefs were schooled in that side of the continent.

I had myself a 4course menu that includes: Bowl of French Onion Soup, Ceasar Salad, 350g US Angus Ribeye, Tiramisu, and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon wine. All of them for just Php1,500, yebaaahh, ℅ a groupon voucher I bought.

This is a place where their comfort food is as superb as their excellent service. I started it off with French Onion soup, so broth topped with cheesy baguette, then followed by Ceasar Salad, sprinkled with bacon bits, French bread strip, a semi-cooked egg, with a creamy lemon basil dressing. It's simply delectable. And their 350g US Angus steak, cooked under medium well is just right and I can taste the juicy meat extract(in other words cholesterol?). The Tiramusi is not too sweet but not bland, just right for a sumptuous dessert to conclude your meal.

I was thinking I can still try their Buffalo Crab Claws but I don't have stomach space anymore, so I listed it down as my next-episode encounter.


  1. everything looks so delicious!ang sosyal ng place!

  2. Grabe! super dami ng groupon deals mo!!!

  3. @Kaye: the place is good, but i see it to be more like a bar than a restaurant, although they have a wide variety of comfort foods.

  4. @Peach: yan ang tinatawag na oportunista. hahahaha, now, i always go to restos using a voucher, for practicality sake. :)

  5. Holiday Lamb at Blackwood Bistro! 50% off 3-course Lamb Shanks Meal. View this deal at

  6. @Pakyaw: i saw that on your site. but it's just a 3-course meal instead of 4. does it include a glass of wine too?


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