Sunday, September 4, 2011

Riviera Cafe at Heritage Hotel

After a weeklong of grueling nights that had me render overtime for at least 3hours on a daily basis, since Monday, or since I was moved into another department for a different project, I thought of rewarding myself. Not for a job well done(I felt like I am far from having tangible achievements and sterling success, so don't pop up that champagne yet), but for a seemingly endless struggles I wither from my bosses of global and local business residency.

So my pick was Riviera Cafe seated at Heritage Hotel along Pasay City. Never mind the fact that it's a few meters away from Baclaran, or that it is situated along the main thoroughfare, call it a contemporary chic cafe.

The cafe boasts of a bountiful feast from the rich textures of different cuisines, Malay, Singaporean, Filipino, Japanese, French, Italian, European, among others.

They have got almost what you can think of in a buffet and for an Php878(50% off from the group buying site), the price itself a deal buster.

To start off your meal, they have salad station with Asian Chicken Noodle Salad with Sweet Soy Sesame Vinaigrette, or make a DIY one with different dressing to choose from. And you can match it up with an assortment of pastries and cheese and ham that includes Beef Pastrami, Florentiner, Beef Salami, Gottinger, Chicken Ham, etc.

If you'd like to move into the main courses, you can hit Baked Tangigue, Kare Kare, Spicy Pork, Paksiw na Pata for the Filipino fares. You can also have a Sauted Beef with Bittergourd,

If you'd like to pair it up with soup, they have Salted Vegetable Duck Soup or Black Beans, Peanut, and Chicken Feet Soup.

If you're into Chinese and Japanese, they have sushi bar and Japanese maki, or let the chefs concoct you with Asian noodles of different noodle varieties. You can also get a Fried Pork Spring Roll, Fried Wanton, and Fried Vegetable Samosa. Or better yet, go for Kung Poh Chicken, Harkaw and Machang.

You can also hit the live cooking stations that contains oysters, shrimp, Burong Sili, Vegetarian Curry, Atchara, and Burong Mangga.

Other continental choices were Hokkien Mee, Stir Fried Hofan, Steamed Fish with Light Soya Sauce, Lamp Chop with Mint Gravy Sauce, Honey Garlic Chicken Wings, Fish Batter with tartar Sauce, Avocado with Crabstick Terrine, Roast Beef Platter in Hot Bean sauce, Baked Fish Fillet with Mango Tandori Sauce, and Hainanese and Roast Chicken.

At the live cooking station, they also serve flambé sizzling plates, grilled fresh strips of Tuna, Salmon Belly, Chikuwa, Fish Balls, Cream Dory, Blue Marlin, Chicken Satay, Beef Strips, Fish Dumpling, Crab Balls, Lamb and Chicken.

If having those would be enough o satisfy you, conclude it in the dessert section with Creme Brûlée, New York Cheese Cake, Flourless Cake, White Forest, Fruit Tartlette, Profitero Roll, Banana Cake, Kueh Lapis Sponge cake, Oatmeal Cookies, Choco Crinkles, Fresh fruits, or make your own Halo Halo topped with ice cream on top.

With bottomless iced tea to compliment it, it was a feast!!!


  1. everything looks so yummy! i haven't been at the heritage hotel for years haha! :)

  2. @Peach: hahaha. why don't you bring ykaie here. :)

  3. @Sugar: this is actually my first time here.

  4. @Kaye: yeah, grabeh, eat until you drop.

  5. do they have lobsters? sofitel's spiral does.. almost same range price nila e.

  6. @Anonymous: they don't have. what i got was Php878(at 50% off) for this buffet, i got Php1,200(at 50% off) at Spiral.

  7. do they have peking duck, turkey or lamb? saan meron?

  8. fantastic post and Thanks for sharing this info. It's very helpful.
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    1. Thank you. Keep up the excellent service.


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