Monday, September 19, 2011

Resorts World Manila: Asia's newest playground

Asia's newest playground, Resorts World Manila(RWM), opened its door to a leisure-seeking public a year(or two) back. And being a harbinger of an urban lifestyle, I won't be left behind by the happenings in the metro.

Dubbed as the the country's rising glitzy destination and an exciting tourist hub, RWM has the amenities one would look for in an entertainment colony, with the exclusivity feel out of their membership privilege.

Snapping a picture is STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside the Casino so forgive me if some pictures don't yield favorable angles. And that's why my narcissistic moment is taken outside, where The Sound of Music(showing starting 15th of October) standees are located at.

The groupon voucher that I got, worth Php588, includes Breakfast or Lunch Buffet, Php300 worth of Match&Play Certificate, and 5+1 beer. I was a bit disappointed with the buffet since it only has a Pork Sisig, Pasta, and a Chapsuey as their main entrees. But when I get there, the there were only three tables piranha-ing the buffet, so that may have given them a reason not to profusely serve a wider buffet spread as some might just go to waste. Oh well, they could have invited me everyday. Apart from the main entrees, they have Coffee Jelly, a Soup, and bottomless Iced Tea, Apple Juice, Coffee, or Tea.

Scouring the entire expanse of the Casino and not finding any Dance Revo or Daytona Racing to play with, instead just a plethora of slot machines on all forms and sizes, I decided not to use my Php1,000 Match & Play Certificate(the lady at the Tour Counter gave me a Php1,000 worth in exchange of some wink, kidding). I mean, why can't they put arcade and stuff inside casino for those video game-immersed adults.

So I just sauntered at the Bar360 seated at the center of the Casino, and have my entire afternoon spiced up by a smooth jazz band. You know know how I love easy listening and smooth jazz that it's probably the only music genre in my iPhone. And because I love the music so much, I finished all 6cans of San Miguel Premium.


  1. Coffee Jelly! weeeeee!


  2. @Michelle: mismo, coffee jelly lang dessert, di man lang ice cream or halo halo. :(

  3. we've been ripped off by this ensogo promo...

  4. @Annomymous: i understand. a lot of people are complaining about the transfer of venue from Bar360 to Noodle House and the food now sucks. it used to be average when i went there. at the very least, when i meant "average", it means better than what was being served now.

  5. thanks God I was able to read your blog. I bought two vouchers from ENSOGO. and it seems like it is not a BUFFET serving. I wouldn't use it anymore nor call them to make reservations since it may just waste my time, and I already wasted my money on this, Damn. I work hard for work to earn money and yet ENSOGO will just waste it. C'mon :(

    May the Bad Karma be with them.

  6. @Anonymous: you can file a complaint on Ensogo about this. as far as i know, you have paid the same price as I do, but you are not getting same fair and square deal?


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