Friday, September 16, 2011

Sennheiser MM50 IP with Mic: The 'Coffee-mate' of your iPhone

I'm a big-headed mammal, blame it on my genetic composition. I sprung from an ancestral root of the Nephilims. Just kidding, but yes, my family lineage has tall offsprings, and that's us.

I have big head and so does my ear that the default earphone package of iPhone just fell down from my ears. It's cumbersome because whenever I watch documentaries that I downloaded into my iPhone, one or both earphones just fell.

So I scoured the entire mall to look for a decent earphone. And look what I have found, Sennheiser MM50 IP with Mic (IP probably stands for iPhone). Just what I wanted for my iPhone, I can answer my callers in just a press of a button.

Having had worked from a audio-video industry for 5years, and having met fellow audiophiles, both from work and at an enthusiasts circle, I know what a good acoustic engineering is composed of.

The MM50 IP has a balanced audio. Without having to turn on the iPhone 4's equalizer setting, it's able to churn out strong bass response but also a good lower bass settings. Able to pic the crisp details of any quality audio track, it's able to deliver the midrange frequencies quite impeccably. They have excellent leakage control as well as absurdly low distortion level.

It comes with two other pairs of buds, small and large. My gripes though are that it doesn't have a cord guard except for the plug, and unlike Monster Turbine, it has no purse or protective case to boot, but for its price of Php2,650, I may rest the cudgel for its superb audio quality. Truly a Sennheiser spirit!!!


  1. ang sushal mo talaga....habang gumagawa ako ng Wormy Apple.. nagsha-shopping ka ng sosyal na earphone...

  2. @peach: natatanggal sa tenga ko eh yung kasama na earphone ng iphone ko eh. mas gusto ko sana Monster Turbine, wala lang mic. besides, napakamahal, Php18k yung isa??? for a piece of earphone? :(

  3. soshal, naka Sennheiser!

    dear, ang hava na ng hair mo, hehehehe~

  4. @Katey: CDR King sana kaso mukhang pangit na may pambili ng iPhone pero wala pambili ng earphone. bwahahaha.


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