Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grill Republic: Bigfood encounter

It was a bright and cloudy day at The Fort but surprisingly gloomy along Quezon City-C5 area last Sunday when we headed at Metrowalk. Inauspiciously gloomy that was, but nothing can stop our gastronome from anchoring our(me and my college room mate wayback engineering school) gargantuan appetite.

And it's that same alpha appetite that was to be blamed for the disappearance of the two sets of humongous 10inch Monster Burger, Potato Chips, and a pitcher of cocktail for just Php399 care of a groupon voucher.

Grill Republic provides a breezy feel to kick-back and unwind with its resort type setting, centering on a leaf floor design and aquamarine tapestry. The bar is located at the ground floor, serving the usual flares of alcoholic beverages. Such a comfortable ambiance that is, including its al fresco dining. Upstairs you have stereotype high chairs, but they also have a Kotatsu-styled tables and low chairs and a Cabana-like setting.

They have been known in the metro for providing big food encounters with their Monster Burger as their flagship entree that they claim should be able to serve roughly 4 people. Well, these restauranteurs haven't really known our kind. LoL.

The burger is just just ok, but the 2.2lbs patty easily easily gets crumbled. I wasn't expecting a gourmet experience in this side of the metro, instead a gourmand. The drinks is either a choice of a pitcher of iced tea or a cocktail drink. Since we have overflowing iced tea and lemon juice in the office, we opted for a cocktail. His was Aklan Sling which is their version of Mudslide and tasted a lot like Baileys and mine was Grill Rep Sling which tasted like an Illusion. I love Grill Rep Sling than the Aklan Sling because latter tastes like an Ovaltine dropped with few mixes of gin.

If you're within Ortigas area, and a huge group, their gourmand serving will surely satisfy your gluttonous tendencies.

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