Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Destination: Beach? Or bahay

Summer is so close that the scorching heat of the sun already bites the skin. It has even had just unfold from the windy March. The thing with summer is that people are so bent in spending it outdoor, something that I consider a kryptonite as I can't bear standing outside at the perils of sun's rays. I am just an indoor type of person. In fact, I have been wishing all these years that there could be indoor beaches, or indoor fun run, or indoor soccer. I wish the entire Philippines would be air-conditioned.

It's not because I hate the sun. In fact, I am doing astronomical imaging and had always been fascinated by its radiance, the lofty sight of how hydrogen atoms fused, turning into helium at a quantum level, and consequently all other elements on Earth. It is so beautiful and we are made out of it. As Carl Sagan said, "we are star stuff." Yes, without the sun, life wouldn't have been formed. It gives energy to chlorophyl-thriving organisms, it contributes to the evolution of carbon-based life forms.

Yet, it is also as dangerous as it delightful. And the danger is not just an occasional manifestation. Everyday, the Earth's magnetosphere is wrestling with the intense energetic burst out of the solar flare's differential rotation. Everyday our ozone layer will have to act as punching bag from the beating of ultraviolet radiation. And the danger is not something you would want to dismiss. Take note, if a PINHEAD piece of the sun were to be placed on Earth, you will have to stand 145 kilometers away to be safe.

I got all forms of invites from friends during summer-- La Luz, Laiya, Quezon, Subic, Galera, Boracay, Poracay(yes, it is not misspelled, google it out) but I never joined the pack in any of them. We have all-expense-paid company summer outing every year but I never attended anyone of them.

That is why, every summer, I will have to joust as to whether staying indoor or outdoor, to saunter around the beach or stay inside my brethren.

What about you, where is your summer destination.


  1. mine will be spent at work~

    but if i have the chance, malamang baguio or tagaytay. hehehe

  2. @Katey: sa magiginaw na lugar talaga noh. sa baguio nalang cguro kase marami na mandurukot sa baguio. malayo pa.

  3. I want to stay somewhere that's airconditioned. LOL. I'm a homebody but it's just so hooooooot!

  4. @Bea: me too. sama nalang ako kung saang airconditioned places ka magpunta para makatipid ako ng electricity bill sa house, bwahahaha.

  5. I spent my summer outdoors, but I won't mind spending it indoors as well.. chillaxing... listening to music or just having tv series marathons.

  6. @Bob: chillaxing indoors with a bottle of Jagermeister, Russian Standard, and Ginger Ale.


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