Monday, April 18, 2011

Lola Maria: Home-grown Filipino cuisine

Amidst the proliferation of culinary schools bustling in the metropolis and producing great chefs, the adage 'no one cooks best than Lola' still holds true in our deep-seated Filipino culture.

Lola Maria Restaurant concept is forged into this dining tradition. Named after the great grandmother of its the restaurant owner Ginger Villavicencio, it is an assortment of Filipino comfort food prepared in scrumptious cooking the Lola way. I don't know if they are in anyway related to the Villavicencio clan of the Dad's/Saisaki restaurant chain.

Lola Maria restaurant is nestled at the Legend Villas, the country's most notably nostalgic hotel that is close enough to being a home. Lola Maria's Vigan-inspired wooden furnitures compliments smoothly with the entire home-grown set up reminiscent to an ancestral Spanish-built architecture.

The breakfast buffet has limited choices but good enough for a nice lazy Sunday morning after a hard and blistering gym session. It has the usual flare: Filipino kakanin(desserts made from sticky rice), home-style pancit bihon, tuyo, egg omelet, burger steak, arroz caldo and misua soup, mango and pineapple juice, brewed coffee and chocolate de batirol, cereals, cold cuts, cheese bar, do-it-your-own salads, fruits, breads of almost all kinds -- French croissant orFilipino pan de sal, and a lot more.

I was informed that they serve more choices during lunch and dinner, with prices Php350 during weekdays and Php499 during weekdays. The is because they serve 12courses during weekdays while only 9courses by week ends. I guess I will be back then.

It came to my attention that they also do celebrity-concocted dishes, like Randy Ortiz Vegetable Quiche or Iza Calzado's Fish Pinipig or Ara Mina's Rosemary and Garlic Rib-Eye Steak.

The customer service is topnotch, people are very warm just like your very own rural roots.


  1. the ambiance is superb! feels like home~

  2. @katey: oh yeah, parang lumang bahay ng mga sinaunang mayayaman ng pilipinas.

  3. ah yeah i love the feel of legend villas :) we stayed there once and super nostalgic nga ng feel. I didn't get to try their food back then. I was able to sample their food in Mercato Centrale. Ang sarap ng cocido nila :)

    sarap ng breakfast mo :D

  4. those celebrity concocted dishes sounds like a must-try...

    Oh, BTW, you have to be green also like Hulk, huh?

  5. @Peach: yes, gusto ko nga itry yung celebrity concocted dishes. mukhang gusto ko yung steak ni ara mina.

    tsaka ok lang sa akin green ako like hulk. basta hindi lang purple. baka mapagkamalan pa akong barney. hehe.

  6. @Smarla: yes, very vigan. parang lumang bahay namin dati.


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