Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turning iPod Nano into a wrist watch

Blame it on Steve Jobs by churning out a product with vivid touch screen display but embellished with a functional clock design as its lock screen.

Several entrepreneurial guts of accessory manufacturers are tapping to that idea, and produced a bracelet that will make your MP3 player not just a clipped marvel of your clothes, but a fitting fashionable watch of your wrist.

Cottage industry includes the likes of Lunatik, Tiktok, Hex, and Rock Band.

The image you see below is a Rock Band brand, costing about $19.99. The image on top is a generic wrist band with similar design as the Rock Band but costing about Php350, bought at The A-Shop. I couldn't attest the quality of Rock Band versus the generic wrist band since the Rock Band hasn't landed in the Philippine shore yet. But it has the same special cut to accommodate the Nano's clip.

I don't like the Rock Band actually. I am waiting for the Lunatik. But while I waited for it to hit our retail shelves, might as well be a cheapskate and stash your money for the real thing.


  1. Wish I could do the same for my Galaxy S. Haha!

  2. @Bea: i wish i could do the same for my iPad, bwahahaha.

  3. I HAATEE YOUUUUU~ wahehehehehe

    where did you get yours? At first I thought It was the Lunatik, pwede na.

  4. @Katey: sa The A.Shop. hindi sya naka-display kase pilferage prone pero you can ask the counter. walang brand kaya just describe it. :)

  5. I'm partial to iPod Touch so I won't be sporting this but it seems and looks good.

  6. @Madz: i have both iPod Touch and iPod Nano. I only use Nano pagwala ako bulsa, esp my gym shorts. :)


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