Monday, September 8, 2014

Josephine's Restaurant in Tagaytay Revisited

Tagaytay used to be my Lazarus pit--- my immediate recharging station and a quick escape from the flurry of a corporate ruffle.. until... BL and I got together, things changed, and I already found my solace in her. 

Calculating from the time we started dating to the time we got married, that means that I haven't been into Tagaytay for some two years already. And in that short traversal of time, things changed. It is now teeming with an urbanized capitalization gradually burgeoning into a city amidst a countryside. 

Establishments sprouted like mushrooms, the modern air blends with the windy breeze, and the mountain ridges grace the sprawling homegrown commercialization that is ought to entice tourists and escape artists like me. 

For such a small place, who would have thought it is now hailed by two branches of Starbucks already. And these were huge Starbucks, two of my favorite outlets so far. 

We were cruising along the highway with a literally starved stomach, so we were looking something that can also literally fill us up. First criteria, it must have a Crispy Fried Pork Shank(Crispy Pata as how it is fondly called). First stop was at Leslie's but they're so uber-crowded and we were number 21 of their waiting queue. So we moved to Josephine's Restaurant. Of course, it has a lesser crowd, a little more expensive than Leslie's, and has a more upscale amenities than Leslie's. 

I already blogged about it here

Mutya ng Cavite. Description here

The dear dips

Chicharon Bulaklak(deep fried pork intestines).

Sinigang(seafood stew)

Lechon Kawali(deep fried pork belly).

Crispy Kare Kare(oxtail stew with crispy pork shank).

Pork Sisig(I don't know the English equivalent but this is mainly hyper-marinated pork jowls, ears and liver, grilled, broiled, and chopped, topped with egg and pork rinds). 

Spring roll.

The result? Satisfaction guaranteed. We felt drowsy out of the volume we stuff into our gastric space that we then went looking for a coffee or tea bar.

Till next sojourn Tagaytay. 

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