Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Should you jump into the bandwagon?

In one of our meaty discussions with a colleague about innovation technology, from floppy disk to zip drives, from PCMCIA WIFI to SD WIFI, from a PDA to smartphone, from WAP to 3G, and every changes in the technological nook, we came across a discussion whether migrating from a laptop into a chromebook device for an enterprise use is an innovative move, or whether it is a sound innovation, here is my thought on the matter: 

What I like (grins):
  • IT folks can spend more time doing infrastructure improvement rather than maintenance program. That means they don't have to waste an awful lot of time tinkering on your corrupted application, error codes, ghost processes, and re-imaging your drive. Chromebook is a browser-based device and everything pretty much sits in a web-based content. 
  • Team effort spans across technology-based endeavor and that includes collaborative scenarios. Chromebooks reinforce this value and empower a user to have an enriched collaborative opportunities with colleagues and business partners. 
What I don't like (grimaces):
  • It is heavily dependent on a stable internet infrastructure. And business applications are not necessarily built this way. Users will have to file a vacation leave at the PeopleSoft, developers are working on SAP Netweaver, business analysts rely heavily on offline reports toolkits. Unless huge business applications tread on going online as their future roadmap, we will have to wait for that technological maturity to fully maximize end user experience
  • If a company has a lousy policy on cloud transformation, then it has a lousy security safety nets on cloud infrastructure as well, which makes storing your employee productivity a monumental risk than it already is in an offline environment. So the solution, strengthen the cloud security measure(including policy and governance) first, and only then can you be feel safe into the "cloud 9" of any cloud-based device. 

Should one jump into the bandwagon? It doesn't really matter. What matters is that one should have an anticipation mindset on its future consequence.

In my case, innovation is neither the heart of what I want,  nor does any revolutionary first dibbs. I value more on the maturity and readiness, the one that I am certain that the few benefits outweigh the flurry of risks. 

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