Monday, September 15, 2014

Tampopo at Bonifacio Global City

If one were to google(it's amazing how internet buzzwords have evolved into an urbanized action word) Tampopo, he will be sashayed into a Wikipedia page of a Japanese iconic comedy film which then became an inception of what has become today's Japanese craving for a ramen. 

It has become an inspirational wellspring of a popular ramen chain of the same name. A brainchild of Mr. Takaaki Takagi, director and founder of the Food Concepts, one of the emerging players in the Japanese food and beverage industry in Singapore, Tampopo is now steaming and twisting ramen in our dining scene with the business genius of a young celebrity and entrepeneur, Chris Tiu. 

And just like in the movie, the entrepreneurial spirit of the business partners went great lengths for its ramen product, remaining faithful to both Hokkaido and Kyushu way of making noodles. 

The four vultures of the diningscape. 

House iced tea.

Sui Gyoza. Tastes ok but I'm beginning to taste all Gyoza tasted this way.

Deluxe Tampopo Black Pig Shabu Ramen. All four of us ordered this because for the first timers like us, the rule of thumbs is that we can never go wrong with the best seller. Savory, and a bit spicy, but smooth nonetheless. And the broth is made from pure pork bone soup. 

Tampopo is a culinary experience that will bring you to the balanced taste of ramen, not too salty, not too spicy, and not too buttery. 

They also have other things in their sleeves, like Tongkatsu, Soba, Dumpling, Salad, Edame, Karaagi, among many others. 

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