Monday, September 1, 2014

Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking at Bonifacio Global City

Normally Serbia comes to mind whenever I am on a clandestine operation where the epicenter of conflict is at Belgrade. Or anywhere within the radius. Oh wait, me being a notable globe-trotter, with espionage mission stretching to almost all corners of the globe, from CIA's headquarters to tropical Jamaica, from the crisp backdrop of Swiss Alps to the bohemian city of Prague, is just a figment of my wishful thinking. Maybe I am James Bond personified in my other lifetime. 

The closest thing to reality to that Serbian jet-setting is a Serbian cuisine. Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking is a brainchild of former DLSU UAAP Player Marko Batricevic. He is most reminded(and heralded) as part of the team that brought a winning crown of DLSU last UAAP 2007 finals. But for the culinary connoisseur, he is remembered as the person who brought the Yugoslavian culture close to home. 

While waiting for the food, you can browse around pictures framed and hanged to the walls, showcasing a graphic diorama of how the Serbian home is like, their way of life, their culture, their political upheaval, their challenges and triumphs and their breathtaking landscapes. Things that are only an inch away of my dream. 

Back to reality.

Real Leaf iced Tea.

Chicken Batak - grilled boneless chicken thigh stuffed with mozzarella cheese, served with Jasmine rice. 

Stuffed Pljeskavica - grilled Serbian patty served with homemade sauce, tomato, lettuce, onion and french fries. 

I ordered the beef variant because it is what sets the rest of the patties you can find in any deli. It has a distinct texture and taste(although leaning towards the salty side), but it is tender all the way from top to the inside, with a little dash of fat. 

If you want a slice of Serbia, the place might just be meant for you. 

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