Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Smokeless Grill at SM Megamall

In my frequent visit of Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Smokeless Grill(mostly in Jupiter Street though), this is the only time that I have to pay a subPhp500 for a grand smorgasbord experience. And probably one of the cheapest at that(some of them are Don-Day, Red Crab, H&E Rockstar, Something Fishy, CCA Kitchen by Cravings, Dulcinea, Celina's to name a few).

For the gourmand in us, they unveiled a Weekday Lunch Buffet Special Promo Eat and Drink All You Can for only Php399. Before the promo wanes at Aug 16, the culinary vulture in me yearns a fervor burning to try it out. 

Buffet window is 11AM to 2:30PM, and although I am already at the 7th in the waiting list, there's no stopping me now. 

The soups I ordered, in twofold set, Sinigang and Spicy, are a bit bland so you really have to know how to mix it with their existing condiment. 

And here is what it is now.

Demure breakfast.

On for lunch.

And more. 

And the no-holds-barred grilling. 

Ready to eat dishes to stuff while still grilling. 

And finally. 

It's a race against the clock as they are about to close for their lunch window promo, so not in the pictures are the salads, Halo-halo, and ice cream concoctions I made(separately). Not only do they offer refillable juices, they also have a draft beer.

They offer Chinese and Japanese delights like sushi, maki, tempura, dimsum and dumplings. Heat up the pot with your choice of six kinds of shabu-shabu soup base-- chicken, Filipino sinigang, Korean Kimchi, vegetarian and the spicy variety of sate and Taiwan mala. For your grilling delight, they have shrimps, crabs, sliced meats, lobster balls among many others to choose from. 

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