Friday, August 29, 2014

Acer Chromebook C720: Almost a nirvana of Chromebook

Hailed from the C7 Chromebook line, the latest iteration of Acer Chromebook, the C720 may not have the bells and whistles of being the flashiest laptop, but is definitely worth coveting in its thinner, sleeker and lighter chassis. If you're looking for a far more stellar power and killer functionality of a tablet but less cost and complexity than a full-pledged PC, then the Acer Chromebook C720 might just be on top of your wish basket. 

The ceremonial unboxing starts…


Slapped with a Haswell-based Intel Celeron 2955U processor, 4GB of RAM and an integrated Intel graphic card. Booting up is relatively good at 7 seconds and wakes from sleep at 2 seconds. It comes close to a technological nirvana had it been because of its meager 16GB SSD Storage, however it too is complimented by the 100GB Google Drive Cloud Storage.

Also, it's highly dependent on a wifi network and can't be truly stand-alone as it has no 4G LTE implementation. 

11.6inch at a 1366x768 resolution and a hefty battery of about 6hours, I'd say it's good enough for a Chromebook category. 

With it, you can have rafts of outstanding features like those inside the pack of a Google's ChromeOS. Browsing the internet(not just the real truncated mobile version) is a already a given, but what is under the hood are the online marvels you can get from the OS, anytime, anywhere email(even offline version), streaming entertainment, cloud capability, collaboration tools, among others. And because the browser is fully functional, you can have an array of good selection of plug-ins, can visit Flash-based sites with nary a crash or slowdown. 

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