Friday, August 29, 2014

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique, Resorts World Manila

Fresh from the red carpet launch of the TWG's Red Lantern Tea Mooncake Collection on the first week of August, we went to the TWG Tea Salon and Boutique, Resorts World Manila to experience the intricately crafted tea-infused Snowskin and traditional Chinese mooncakes. 

TWG, which conveniently stands for, The Wellness Group, is a destination of delight, a hub of fine tea craftsmanship, and a journey of sensations. First established in Singapore in 1837, this veritable institution has always been a hallmark of luxurious concepts of tea making, distribution and retail, with exquisite tea rooms to boot. 

Insignia of wellness.

A week ago we had a chance to roam around and took pictures of the place while the wife's brother is picking his favorite tea blend delights. 

Vivid interior. 

Cans of tea. 

Epicurean array of different colors, sizes and shapes. 

Some are readily packed for you.

Some goodies you can buy as gifts. Or reward yourself. 

A euphoria of colors. 

The writing.. rather, the enchantment is on the wall.

Cans of signature tea blends and small pots. 

Lovely tea pots and more.

Handmade patisseries and macarons. 

Fine tapestry of delights when dining inside. 

Inside, you will be carried by the impeccable display of elegant samovars, brass weighing scales you first found in the physics class, fine marble floors only Italy can offer, and a hardwood classic tea counter only five star hotels can usher. 

TWG also serves signature tea-infused savory dishes and hand made patisseries, placed under a stack of decorated platform with nostalgic furnishings, accentuated by fine bone china, crisp linens and vases of brightly hued exotic colors. 

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