Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Legend of India: Cosmopolitan Indian cuisine

Tucked in the heart of Metro Manila's premiere business district, Legend of India is where I challenged my complacently-laden palate by trying out an Indian buffet.

You see, India has a culinary fare that somehow represents a diversity of some sort, from spicy hot to the conspicuous curry based dishes. And while some people are not really at it because of its non-mainstream taste, I took the road less travelled and trotted my way to Jupiter Street to have my lunch. They are convenienty located in between Makati Avenue and Reposo Street(now known as N. Garcia Street).

It was again a buffet, and while they have a limited spread, they have enough Northern Indian entrees for its price of Php290(from one of the groupon sites I subscribed at).

Legend of India is a cosmopolitan Indian restaurant replete with modern design of leather backed chairs and linen clad tables on contrasting black and white. The flat LCD slapped on its wall and the Taj Mahal mural behind a waterfall is a stark display of the uniquely appealing mix of Indian tradition and posh trend.

The menu for that day includes Navrattan Korma, Chicken Tikka Masala, Tomato Fish Sauce, Palak Paneer, Hakka Noodles, Chix Samosa, Hara Bara Kebbab, Aloo Boonda, Manchow Soup, Jelebi Dessert, Saffron Rice, and Garlic Naan.

Their noodles taste like a Filipino brand of pancit which I find just appropriate to acclimatize myself first before immersing into a purely authentic cuisine. The Chicken Tikka Masala is typically Indian, I can say that because I usually have a Chicken Masala on one cafe at our building every two weeks or so. Some things that makes my heart go fonder is the Chix Samosa, another stereotype but a necessary element to neutralize the spice. The Caramelized Jelebi is too sweet, so make sure you take it after devouring them all.

You can also order some cocktail and liquors at the bar to conclude your meal.

If having Indian cooks to prep your food is not enough to bolster its authenticity, I don't know what will.


  1. the foodies seems intersting. mapuntahan nga rin yan

  2. @Rome: yeah, pero kase most mediterranean restos mahirap madistiguish kung sino sa kanila masarap kase either nalunod sila ng anghang or naligo sa curry/cumen.

  3. I think I saw a deal at Legend of India pero nagdalawang isip ako bilhin..I love curries..

  4. @Peach: their spread is not that wide-arrayed though. i love curies too, but i realized i can't stand on indian buffet alone. it has to be fusion buffet pantanggal umay(to rid of ickiness).

  5. thanks for this post, I was thinking what they serve for the buffet (got coupons as well). I am happy to read they have samosas and paneer on the spread. Thanks again! :)

  6. @Roni: yes, i think their a la cart menu is also good. For other Indian food ptions, you can also try Kashmir and Swagat.


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