Sunday, August 14, 2011

Olives Restaurant at Thunderbird Resorts

I became an early riser in La Union because I cannot just flaunt my underclad glory and consequently subject myself to social disdain as I surface from the pool. No, I am not gifted with the build of Chris Hemsworth(Thor) despite my endless gym sessions, that is why I usually use the pool service when everybody else is still sleeping, as early as 7AM.

And after pool time, I usually have breakfast. As if I have a choice, there are only two resident restaurants in Thunderbird La Union, one is Vegas Cafe which opens on a regular business hour and the Olives Restaurant that serves breakfast as early as 6:30AM. So Olives Restaurant that is.

Olives Restaurant is known for its comfort food a la Mediterranean style. Although their menu is not as extensive as I expected, their flagship cuisine is rather the best in its class. I would say that their formidable specialty would be their pizza line as it is traditionally wood-fired, stone-oven done.

I just grab a 14" Thunderbird All-Meat Pizza(Php440 + 10% SC) made of tomato concise, mozzarella, beef, chicken, pork, mushroom and oregano, and an entree of Fettuccine with Seafood Alfredo Sauce(Php450 + 10%SC), and a Cranberry Juice(Php160 + 10%SC).

We used to have wood-fire oven before so I know how anything concocted in that fashion taste like, and I must say, the pizza tastes good enough. Although the pasta is oddly swimming on its sauce, it is sumptuous nonetheless.

I didn't try Vegas Cafe because the social crudeness in me is afraid to find jiggly-bottomed Vegas girls pole dancing while I wholeheartedly, wholesomely devour my food. What am I thinking!!!


  1. ang bait mo naman john, wahehehe.. kidding!

    food looks great! I miss eating pizza tuloy~

    the place is AMAYZING!

  2. @kate: kailangan ko talaga gumising ng maaga para magamit ko ng maaga ang pool. otherwise makikita ako ng madala na nakaswimming attire. kakahiya. bwahahahaha.

  3. ahaha, shy type talaga!? nag ggym ka naman, makikita nila ang mala thor body mo. wahehehe.

  4. @Katey: hindi nga mukhang thor eh, mukhang tumor. :)

  5. the place looks amazing and the food looks delish!

  6. @Peach: yeah, ganda talaga ng place. gusto ko balikan pero i might not be able to endure such journey already. layo kase talaga eh.


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