Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dinner cruise at Prestige Cruise Ship

Have you ever had any childhood memories of US based TV shows being shown in our local channels? Knots Landing, Melrose Place, Falcon Crest, and Love Boat? Those were the TV shows our parents were glued at while we wrestle with them with rallying cry to switch channel so we can watch our favorite cartoons?

Once we hear Jack Jones singing "Love exciting and new, Come abroad, we're expecting you…. The love boat, soon we'll be making another run..", we know that Mom and Dad are into our singular living room TV set.

Just yesterday, I had that fond recollection(fond because I love the song nonetheless) as I step on the gangplank and the band sang the Love Boat theme.

I was at a Prestige Cruises Inc. yesterday to have my dinner, and more than that, to relish an unimpeded view of the breathtaking Manila Bay sunset.

Located at the harbor square of CCP complex, in between Jumbo Floating restaurant and Gloria Maris, Prestige Cruise has been offering cruise services that includes an hour and a half cruising while you challenge your gastronome with their buffet. The choices were scrimpy but for the price(I got it at 50% off voucher from a group buying site), I could't complain. They have macaroni salad and a roast beef as their main entree. and the rest were DIY salads, chips, and nuts and other hors d'oeures. I normally don't eat rice on a buffet but because their roast beef is so cheesy and tender, I feel like eating it without rice would make me a bit icky. The beef is a lot like tender sections of a bulalo.

If you would like to avail cruising services, I highly suggest booking in the week end 6PM slot so you can also see the spectacular fireworks of the SM Mall of Asia by the sea. Look at me, I acted out like a mutant controlling the fireworks a la gamma ray bursts as I screamed, "behold my powerrrrrr!!!"

It would have been a totally fantastic experience had they not move their boarding place from MOA to CCP Complex, and if they are easy to contact with for reservation(I literally spent one and a half day just to get my reservation).


  1. a year ago, we cruised going to palawan~

    but you cruised in style my friend~

  2. @katey: dati ayoko talaga ng dagat especially gabi, it's so eerie kase eh. and i don't know hwo to swim. this is one way of conquering my fear.

  3. hmmm, conquering your fear? pwede na, at least you braved riding a ship.

  4. @katey: wala na rin ako choice, binayaran ko na kase eh, advance payment. :)

  5. i'd like to ask more of the food, any idea abt the concessionaire? we bought the vouchers too but read a lot of bad experience until i read yours.

    i hope it will be a pleasant one for us too :)

  6. @January: first, reservation is a pain. took me almost two days to have my slot reserved. second, they moved boarding place from MOA to CCP Complex at the last minute. i have to adjust my travel time. third, if they say boarding time is 5:30PM, it isn't actually 5:30PM but 6:15PM. imagine the time waiting. fourth, food is not really that great. in fact, they chips is just Mr. Chips. and i don't know with their nuts. the roast beef(which looks like tapa) is floating wityh grease but delicious nonetheless. the pasta tastes bland. but for a Php250 price tag, my main purpose of cruising there is an impeccable view of the entire Manila Bay at sunset. fireworks is an add on.

  7. It's good your dinner was pleasant! Well for me it wasn't it was the worse date for me. Here's my take hope you can spread the word! People are actually filling a complaint already!

  8. @Marga: it actually wasn't. i just make most of what i can enjoy, like sunset and fireworks. i even said that if i had bought that Flower Stories Cafe voucher, i would have had my second not-to-good experience with this voucher company.

  9. Had booked hours next week. Hope it goes well.

  10. @Crumpylicious: don't expect too much.

  11. we also bought vouchers for prestige cruises. it was the worst ever!

  12. i'll be trying this out with my friends later.

  13. I was there last night

    1. Food is not that good, but not bad
    2. They offer 3 Viands
    3. Soft Drinks in can is worth P75 each
    4. Water is not Free, you have to buy bottled water
    5. Some parts of the Manila Bay stinks (not the fault of Prestige Cruises)
    6. If your table is at the 2nd floor of the boat, you need to go down to the 1st floor to get the food.

  14. @Gordon: i noticed that water during our time is free. just ask them for a flat water, not sparkling. and during our time, the 2nd floor is booked for a party, thus they were served a different set of foods.

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