Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dayrit's Burger and Roast Beef House: Best roast beef in town

Right before we headed off to Thunderbird, La Union, we dropped by at Dayrit's Burger and Roast Beef House, Magallanes(I just knew that they already relocated from their branch at Buendia to Magallanes) to have a monstrous lunch as a precursor to our extensive 8hour journey.

It was a courtesy lunch from Han Jun(thanks Jun), so yeah, nothing best this world can give than free meals and free parties.

Dayrit's has been in the meat business, particularly the beef, ham, sausages, tocino, and corned beef, before commercialized restaurants went sprawling the metro. In fact, they may have acquired enough mastery in curing meats that their Roast Beef has been acclaimed by far the best in town. Even their fresh corned beef is forged in-house from scratch, so you can be assured of the freshness and quality.

So the typical eater in me ordered the proven recipe, Roast Beef Plate(Php300) Sirloin served with baked potato topped with cheese with bacon bits, vegetable, and a choice of bread or rice. And since I will have to endure a lengthy hour of travel, I choose rice instead of bread. And Mandarin Pork Spare Ribs(Php205), served with coleslaw and rice. And Special Iced Tea(Php50).

This is a restaurant with no fancy interior accolades, no bells-and-whistles, just pure unadulterated traditional dining space. Even their signage and menu is devoid of commercial touch and is just made from a computer printed cardboard.

We were slated to eat quick despite the gargantuan quantity because we will be going back to the hotel, where we came from, to get Jeff Liu who slept really late to prepare for his speech, and to fetch Philippe Nipshagen who flew all the way from Belgium.

Special thanks to Scott Humm for the group pic. I was darn too hungry that I forgot to snap right before we eat.


  1. dayrits roast beef!

    at least even if they closed the one along buendia, meron sa magallanes.

  2. @katey: di ba malapit lang to sa inyo? they also have a branch at the Fort yata.

  3. the one in magallanes? yep malapit, pero savings mode kami ngayon.

  4. @Katey: ako rin, savings mode. wampipti nalang budget per meal. :)

  5. @PinkCookies: I haven't tried at the Fort. how's parking there. di naman ba mahirap?


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