Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sango, The Burger Master: Best rice burger

Some colleagues of mine in my erstwhile office in Makati had been coaxing me to join the pack in trooping to the famed rice burger in town. That was way before McDonald's concocted(rather copied) with their own version which ultimately ended up in an utter failure.

The place was located at the other side from where we had our office then at at Don Chino Roces Extension. Now that each of us fled and led each own lives, Creekside Mall is something that I seldom go to. And their signature rice burgers were left unviolated by my monster appetite.

The name of the place is Sango, The Burger Master. Lately, I discovered that they have a branch in Rockwell Powerplant Mall with a bit chic, hyped up logo from the one at Amorsolo branch. One lazy afternoon, when in Rockwell, I tried out it out.

The place is teeming with Japanese culture, from origami paper artistry sitting on the deck of their kitchen's glass window to the ornamental twigs of the dining area, from the flat screen TV relentlessly playing Japanese MTV to the Japanese characters as part of their branding portfolio, from the Japanese books and comics to DVDs-- everything is a youthful, modern Japan bespeaketh.

On my to-devour-list are Unagi Rice Burger(Php255), a sumptuous taste of unagi(it's an eel) sandwiched in rice bun, Yakiniku Rice Burger(Php145), deliciously marinated thin beef slices inside rice buns, a Large Master Fries(Php125), a fries sprinkled with meat sauce, topped with squares of cheese and a special dip with chopped onions. They have a free upsize promo for every order of large fries so I grab a soda(Php30) too to come along with it. The rice burgers were so damn good, calling them to be a burger master is but an underestimation.

The place has a free wifi too, I noticed a group of people from an ad agency unfurled their laptops while brainstorming for their project.


  1. @Katey: yes, and i will probably come back for more.

  2. Unagi clap clap! very good choice! I haven't been to their branch in Rockwell but I have been to their Shangri-la branch. I think I like the burgers better in their original branch. hehe

  3. @Michelle: yes, sarap the Unagi. nagdeteriorate ba food quality and taste nila when they branched out? their original branch is the one at Creekside Mall right? at Amorsolo.

  4. @Peach: sarap ng fries with square cheesy churvah.

  5. I noticed that each Sango branch has a distinct personality. This one is really posh. The original one in Makati Cinema Square has that home-y feel. And the one at Shangri-La Plaza feels so much like fastfood. XD

  6. @Bea: i noticed that one too. but i just thought that maybe it is just an accident of history, like the one at shangrila is a bit cramped up, the one in Makati Cinema Square is a bit old, and this one in Rockwell is quite new. i was just thinking an adaptive dynamism.


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