Sunday, March 20, 2011

Romulo Cafe: Fine Filipino Cuisine

Last year, I was able to try out Cerchio Grill & Lounge, an Italian-centric concept of the same group of restauranteurs who brought to you Romulo Cafe. But it was just today that I was able to dine in at Romulo Cafe in spite of the blaring raves of my friends from the scientific community.

Inside the Romulo Cafe, you will be entranced by the quiet, salt-of-the-earth homey atmosphere that is predominantly black and white. From the moment I step inside, all I have in mind was a question "is this made by Ivy Almario?", and yes, I was right. Having dined in lots of restaurant she designed, I already know her signature strokes.

The interior's design elements were mintage, from the chic tables and chairs to the sophisticated design of the floor and ornamented wall prints, everything is but a compliment to an overall art nouveau theme that serves as a perfect backdrop of Carlos P. Romulo's enlarged pictures in his lifetime-- who by the way is the granddad behind the restaurant's brilliant mind, Sandie Squillantini. She opened it more than a year ago.

On our table were delectable entrees starting off with the Boneless Crispy Pata(Php635 + 10%SC) served with eggplant and other spicy garnishes, Tito Greg's Kare Kare(Php395 +10% SC) that has the profuse nutty flavor, Mixed Bicol Express(Php285 + 10% SC) with spices that brings out a tangy taste on squid and shrimp, Bagoong Rice(Php125 + 10% SC) containing slices of tomato and mango sprinkled with shrimp paste, and Green Mango Juice(Php85 + 10% SC).

I find the Bicol Express not that spectacular but at least they were able to concoct the right taste, so does the Mixed Bicol Express which taste like kilawin. The Boneless Crispy Pata though is superb. It is literally bathed with tomato, eggplant, and home made tomato sauce that makes them really rich in all flavors, sweet, spicy, salty, and simply delish.

The menu are heirloom recipes handed down from generations of Romulo family, hence their naming conventions such as Tito Greg's Kare Kare and Lola Virginia's Chicken Relleno in which I will probably order next time I come back.

For you who is bent in coming here, read my lips first: RESERVATION IS A MUST. Call these number +632 332 7275, +632 332 7273, and +63 907 995 1111.


  1. Filipino foodies are always on my top list. I had kare kare also today! yum yum

  2. @Rome: yes, but the wining filipino food i always want to eat again and again is the adobo.

  3. wow pinoy food! I love bicol express

  4. @Katey: i love the Bicol Express too, rather the home made ones.

  5. as much as i want to try to cook bicol express i can never attempt to make one.

    and yes, i like to eat bicol express in restaurants

  6. @Katey: however their Bicol Express taste like kilawin kase konti lang yung gata.

  7. Bawal sa akin ang pork kaya bawal ang Bicol Express.

    I like that photo of you John!

  8. @LadyE: if you hate pork, then this is the right Bicol Express for you. it's swimming with seafood, squid and shrimp predominantly, isang katiting na pirasong mamoy lang nakita ko.

  9. @LadyE: bading na bading daw yung pic ko dyan eh.


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