Tuesday, March 29, 2011

King Chef: A king's feast

I am enthralled by the chopstick culture, enraptured by Chinese - Japanese cuisine, and infatuated by the Php40++ dumplings. I have combed all promo of its kind in the urban landscape. Causeway, Shaolin Tea House, and this time King Chef. I have been grinning to try this restaurant since last week. However, the lack of electricity in the entire Banawe stretched impedes my plan. I ended up dining at Lugang Cafe instead.

The name of the restaurant is King Chef. Had it not been because of the huge signage on the road, you'd never notice the restaurant since it is tucked in discreetly behind Starbucks. The restaurant is not just hidden behind Starbucks, it is even visually obscured by its own function hall that is positioned a lot like annex dining area.

The cushioned seats with fine-printed Chinese characters embellish its authenticity. The interior, though a bit cramped, is vibrantly-lit and vividly decorated, veering away form my usual predisposed perception about Chinese restaurants to be a bit old, rustic, and requiring design overhaul. Perhaps it is because the restaurant had just opened last year.

The service was fast, efficient and quite heralding. The first time I was there, having no electricity, the servers took extra mile to fan their diners with native abaniko and makeshift pamaypay just to hoist up the dining experience.

My table was filled with Pork Siomai(Php48), Sharks Fin(Php48), Japanese Siomai(Php48), Shrimp Roll(Php48), Yang Chao Fried Rice(Php190), Sliced Chicken Curry(Php250) and a Beef Brisket Noodle(Php125). I don't really expect a spectacular taste on all these, but they taste good and typically Chinese nonetheless.

Because of the heap of my orders, my service tea on a pot had to be replenished twice. It was indeed a feast for a king.


  1. Really? the staff fanned their diners??? That's is going the extra mile for the customers..

    Looks like you ordered a lot and they all look delish!

    {Ikaw kaya bigyan ko ng Slenda? LOL!}

  2. @Peach: wahahaha, kase slenda ka na kay7a you don't need Slenda?

  3. wooow maalaga sa kanilang customers ah! may personal taga paypay pa!

  4. @Smarla: wala silang choice eh. kesa aalis nalang basta basta mga customers nila. wahahaha.

  5. drool... Dumplings make me drool...


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