Thursday, March 24, 2011

Press Cafe: A writer's nest

Even if my love of writing is getting into my nerves, being an Editor In Chief of our company's news portal has always been a daunting job. That is probably the reason why most publication houses have Atlas as their official iconology as journalistic writing itself is as colossal as carrying the entire planet's weight into your shoulder.

My case isn't an exemption. In line for our brainstorming session, I went to Fully Booked Rockwell to browse around publication that would at least give me a sparkling resolve as to what theme are we going to highlight to for our release issue. In my prodding, I happen to pass by Press Cafe. It's a brightly colored coffee shop and dining spot right at the tenement of the bookstore.

Whether Press Cafe is named after its target demographics, the press people nonetheless, or that it earned its name being a coffee shop with a pressing invitation to lure bookworms, I don't know. But Press Cafe serves both press people and bookworm alike. In fact, the menu is centered on both, O's Book Club sandwich is a classic example and is what I have ordered.

O's Book Club Sandwhich(Php195 + 10% SC), is a wheat-based sandwich with grilled chicken, crisp bacon, roasted garlic, tomato and peppers. Another sumptuous something on my table is Pesto with Grilled Chicken(Php225 + 10%SC), a pene-based pasta with basil, pine nuts, and parmesan in olive oil. Topping off my meal is a Hot Cappuccino(Php70 + 10%SC).

Starbucks Rockwell is always full, Seatle's Best is gone(or so I thought since I couldn't find it anymore), so having a Press Cafe is a welcome addition to some of my favorite hang out places while having a good read. It would probably serve as my writer's nest too.


  1. Wow, the cafe looks a whole lot bigger now!

  2. wooow I'm always looking for new spots where I could write. :D May seattle's best pa sa Katipunan :)

  3. @Smarla: nasa Baguio ka pa rin ba? yes, this is a good place to write or read.


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