Monday, March 21, 2011

DW Cafe: Digital Walker's dining annex

Because I wasn't able to join the benefit dinner last night for Charlie's newly opened cafe in Eastwood, I went by there in the morning to have my breakfast.

To those who doesn't know him, he is my most admired technopreneur not just because the Mac community benefitted a lot from his for his privileged prices but because he has a knack for making things happen.

Oddly located right beside his digital convergence shop like a dining annex, this is probably the reason why it didn't get other fancy names but just DW Cafe, with DW signifying Digital Walker, the main shop right beside it. And this is probably also be the reason why it didn't require heavy elements of branding effort than just taking Digital Walker's outside signage.

The interior is non-intimidating with white tables and chairs under black backdraft accentuated with red trimmings, reminiscent of a modern Japanese cuisine.

The DW Cafe offers a Japanese-style pasta and omurice dishes. Their crowd favorite is what I have ordered, Unagi Pasta(Php255), consisting of fine Fetticini cooked with Unagi, onions, and garnished with carrot and green pepper. The flavor is just right, especially if you're the kind who is enamored with oil-based pasta instead of a creamed ones. Next entree is the Chocolate Caramel(Php95), a chocolatey goodness cake made of layers of caramel mousse topped with frosted chocolate. Concluding my morning meal is the Macadamia Espresso Frappe(Php125), an iced bended frappe made of Macadamia syrup.

Too bad I wasn't able to join the gang due to my other endeavors. It would've been an awesome dinner for a cause, as the proceeds from the donations were meant to support Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders.

Next time, I will probably try the tonkatsu slices in ciabatta and the Japanese Gravy Hamburger Steak.


  1. John, are you sure this is for breakfast???

  2. I wanna try the Unagi Pasta.

  3. @ladyE: they have umorice dishes for breakfast but i am eluding rice so pasta muna. teka, how do we define breakfast ba, the food astutely fitting for the time? or the morning time of eating regardless of the food. :)

  4. @Rome: grabeh, ang sarap. to die for uni and unagi pasta nila.


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