Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peking Garden: Chinese Fine Dining

I don't really know the insane extent of my "dimsum dementia" that it brought me to the country's classiest Chinese restaurant nestled at the top floor of Greenbelt 5. The name of the restaurant is Peking Garden.

Renowned for its famed Peking Duck, this HongKong-affiliated restaurant serves the best in its class. The Peking Duck, crisp and deftly sliced by the server, one that you can wrap in dough pancakes minced with cabbage leaf, or with lettuce in broth, or even with scallions and sauce, received a rippling undulation from the foodie community at large. One, accordingly, can even create his own idea of engorging it to his ultimate satisfaction.

The restaurant's interior is a fusion of traditional Chinese with modern design elements, wood panels combined with glass and glitzy chandeliers. Even their aircon vent is exquisitely decorated.

I can't order roast duck, come on, it's a whole duck. My gastronome is not an endless pit of digestible stuff. So I got myself a Noodles with Dice Chicken & Vegetable(Php200 + 10%SC), Steamed Supreme Special Pork Dumpling(Php180 + 10%SC for 5pieces), Steamed Vegetable Dumpling(Php180 + 10%SC for 4pieces), Shrimp Dumplings(Php160 + 10%SC for 5pieces), and a Fresh Orange Juice(Php118 + 10%SC) to cap it off. Unlike most Chinese restos, their dumplings is served in a steamer with cabbage. The soup is a bit sour but I think that is how authentic Chinese restaurants cook it. You have to be careful with the Pork Dumpling because the sauce inside will spurt upon your first bite.

One can get a courtesy appetizer which is a Fried Wanton Wrapper. You can even ask for refill if you want.

The waiter(I think he is the head waiter or probably the restaurant manager) has a distinct Chinese accent, an authenticity of sort one couldn't dismiss.

Everything else is delish, but I was hoping I can grab Peking Duck next time once I will be able to grab a company. Or perhaps go there at an empty stomach.

Peking Garden... northern Chinese cuisine at its finest.


  1. I've always wanted to try wrapped peking duck. And I love dimsums, parang I want to eat here tuloy. hehe.

  2. @Katey: napaka ignoramus homoerectus ko nga dito eh. naninibago ako sa restoranteng eto. ibang iba sya sa mga Chinese restorante natin dito. ibang iba yung mga dimsum nila. hahaha. ganito pala pag high end dimsum. hahaha. i have spent close to a thousand bucks tuloy for my snack alone.

  3. haha, sozy ng snacks mo, pero yeah, at least you got what's it worth diba? panong iba? different from the traditional chinese dimsum we're accustomed to?

  4. @Katey: eto itsura ng traditional chinese resto: yung wall nila malaking salamin. yung mga kubyertos nila medyo luma luma na. yung steasmer ng dimsum nila papel lang nakalagay instead of cabbage. yung amoy ng traditional chinese resto, amoy sweet & sour. dito, pati chopstick may stand pa. i have nbever been to Lili's of Hyatt but i have a feeling ganito rin sila. even the Legend HongKong Seafood Resto at PICC isn't like this.

  5. ok naman pala ang prices ng Peking Garden. Kala ko uber mahal! Ma-try nga to. Parang gusto ko dito magbirthday!

    kitten: lam mo naman si john ray, angat sa ating mga taga lupa...

  6. @LadyE: slightly pricey lang kase yung ochenta petot na dimsum, sa kanila Php180 na. the reason why i haven't shelled out much is the fact that what i ordered is just a miswah and some dumplings. but i want to go back and order the roast duck. maganda dito kase may mga set meals sila for a group of peeps starting off with a Php6k++ price point to Php15k++.

  7. If you have time, try Dong Bei's dumplings in Binondo. SWEAR ANG SARAP! :D

    I miss Peking Garden, dati lagi kami dyan for family dinners with mga tito :)

    Next time, invite tayo ng ibang bloggers para makain yung peking duck. Game?

  8. @Smarla: actually, hindi kase ako nagagawi sa may bandang Ongpin kase di ko alam kung may parking space, or ung meron man, di ko alam kung safe. mamaya pagbalik ko baka wala na yung side mirror ko.

    cge, Peking Garden with some bloggers, cool ako dyan. roast peking duck here i come. :)


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