Friday, February 18, 2011

Jap-Ok!: Filipinizing Japanese cuisine

Yes, we love Japanese foods. However, to the unfortunate few, either Little Tokyo restaurants are way too far to indulge or just utterly expensive to spend. Does being a cuisine of the first world country meant similarly bearing the same price?

Indeed, Japanese entrees, especially authentic ones, are darn too impractical for daily body refueling, which only makes them only intended for family gatherings and special occasions.

Good thing, Jorge Wieneke, long time restauranteur teamed up with Irene Oloris and ken Okuya, son of Kimpura's executive chef, Mutsuo Okuya to come up with Jap-Ok!

The menu concept of Jap-Ok is essentially filipinizing Japanese cuisine. Blending Japanese into Filipino menu is not to averse one's taste bud, but to fortify it. That's the reason why you can see pulutan and pork chop amongst their portfolio offering, thus sourcing from a commissary is as easy as a pocket friendly undertaking since the basis and raw mats are not necessary hailed from Japan. And that ecosystem of resources also reflects on their price strategy… "a Japanese food na patok for every Juan." And it fits my gustatory philosophy which has been fastfoods for weekdays and fine dining on week ends. It is because fastfoods are fast to prepare as I can't be late on my business endeavors and office affairs.

I ordered a Katsudon(Php85) and Jappy Maki(Php70 for 4pieces). Fresh egg instantaneously dropped into the Katsudon tender breaded beef is something that caught my taste. The Jappy Maki all the more, it has the flavor halfway between a maki and a dessert.

I only know of two branches though, one in CyberMall Eastwood and McKinely Hill Woodridge.


  1. waaa, i think there's one opening at starmall edsa.

  2. @Katey: you should try the Jappy Maki. so delish.

  3. hirap mag hanap ng branch, and the branches you mentioned are too far, and I don't want to go to starmall naman. haha, ang arte ko!

  4. @Katey: eto yung shopping principle ko: "why go to StarMall when there's Shangrila mall. why go to Metropolis when there's Filinvest. why go to Masagana when there's Rob Manila."

  5. I think this has a branch before in E. Rodriguez near BPI

  6. woooow matry nga ito :D and yes, ang mahal nga ng most japanese restos! pero ang sarap kasi ng salmon sashimi eh, kaya I can't stop eating in Jap restos

  7. @Smarla: oh yes, ganun cguro pag first world countries, pati their country-themed cuisines mahal. kahit French resto, yung soup nila is just similarly priced that their poultry entrees.

    gusto ko rin salmon sashimi.

  8. I just ate here and yes, the Jappy Maki are really something else. By the way, here are the branches of Jap-OK!: FEU Morayta, EDSA Central, McKinley Hill, 168 Mall, Eastwood Cybermall, and One Archers Place Taft Avenue.

    Check out their website for more info about their brancehs:


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