Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinatown's Best: The Buffet Specialist

A heap of nostalgia in this restaurant reminds one of a stereotypical Binondo stretch, a traditional culinary Chinese melting pot of Manila. Chinatown's Best though is located not at Binondo, but rather in Banawe, an odd combination of food abundance within the automotive accessories district.

Chinatown's Best is best known for a buffet that one could find only at HongKong and Chinese seafood restaurants. Only a lot more.

Replete with the best a Chinese and Asian fusion cuisine can offer, they have a wide variety of food choices, from roast ducks to dumplings, from crispy pata to huge crabs, from a myriad of seafoods to plethora of Japanese sushi. They even have a salad bar for a DIY salad smorgasbord. And their unlimited avalanche of food doesn't end there, they have unlimited drinks too.

My favorite spot is the ice cream corner, salad station, and the dumpling area. Although I also hop into the seafood area more than twice but it was the grilled squid I am frequenting at.

The buffet has a window of time from 11AM to 2PM and 6PM to 9PM. Prices were as follows:

Php388 for lunch

Php440 for dinner

Php518 for week ends

The place though is divided into three floors. The ground floor is for a la cart orders, the second floor for buffet, and the third floor for events and functions.

One gripe that I have though is that the plates were plastic which is letdown since it seemed a bit cheap, but for its price, I don't have to complain.

So if you are the kind of person who doesn't expect a Peking Garden type of Chinese concoction, the Chinatowns Best is the best for you... without going to the Chinatown.

I shall return, and this time with my monster platoon from the office.


  1. I have not been back to Chinatown's Best Food in awhile. I think Yakimix uses plastic plates too!

  2. @Michelle: buti nalang puti yung plates kaya hindi halata. Does Gloria Maris use plastic plates too?


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