Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paradis: Ice Cream Cafe Gourmet

Tucked away incontestably from the charming Tomas Morato area, Paradis Ice Cream Cafe Gourmet is a fairly new player in the leisure dessert arena. In fact, they have just opened last December 16, 2010. If you happen to pass by along the area, you couldn't spare its existence because of its profusely vivid lighting fixture and extravagant yet minimalist interior.

Paradis boast of a gourmet ice creamed from the freshest ingredients and milled in house the traditional style. Yes, their cold kitchen is found at the shop itself. Mouthwatering bestsellers include Chocolate & Tomato, Red Beet & Orange, Wasabi, and Strawberry. You will also have an option to splurge as may toppings as you want and they have a myriad of it.

They have two kinds of ice cream:

Signature Ice Cream - delicious and vitamin packed with health promoting properties from natural herbs and vegetables. Priced at Small Php110, Medium Php190, Large Php250, and Extra-Large Php385.

Traditional Ice Cream - natural ice cream without synthetic flavors and colors made fresh from the finest milk, fresh fruits, and prime ingredients. Priced respectively as Small Php85 Medium Php145, Large Php195, and Extra Large Php355.

What catches my attention are the the Yolive - a healthy, synergistic combo of yoghurt and olive oil, and the Soybet Ice Cream, ice cream with a touch of soya. They're both pegged at Small Php95, Medium Php180, Large Php240, and Extra Large Php370.

I ordered a Yolive and a Chocolate & Tomato. The chocolate is something that doesn't melt easily and it has a tangy aftertaste because of the tomato blend, but it is so far the best chocolate ice cream I have tasted. I could also taste the olive oil in the Yolive which sends me a message, I'm healthy and I am yours.

Slightly more expensive but who says anything organic isn't.


  1. I haven't seen this in Tomas Morato. Where exactly is this?

  2. @Michelle: katabi ng 7-11 and Bliss. if you see 7-11, magpark ka na. :)

  3. wow! first time I've seen this....I'm specially interested in the Soybet..

  4. @Peach: you're as into sweet indulgences as i am. what's you best local ice cream by the way, sebastian's? The Ice Cream Bar by FIC? or the usual HD.

  5. @djean: make sure you try their signature ice creams too.


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